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    There was very little business transacted at the
Board of Guardians or the Magistrates' Court on
Saturday last.  In fact half-an-hour covered the
time occupied at the respective meetings.

    It is proposed to re-erect the old village cross
in connection with the Diamond Jubilee.  The
foundation still stands in good condition.

    The report that a platelayer had been seriously
injured on the line last Thursday proved to be

    The King's Arms and Sun came in for a share
of business on Saturday last, when the magis-
trates and guardians got through theirs, but
besides this there was not much trade going on in
the village.  The principal events of the day was
the delivery of a strong looking horse at the Sun
by Mr. J. POSTLETHWAITE, of Sylecroft, for a pur-
chaser down Gosforth way, and the purchase of a
handsome driving whip from the noted local
saddler's shop by Mr. Dixon SHARPE, of the
Woolpack, Eskdale.

    Miss WILLIAMSON is agent for the "Whitehaven
Gazette" at Bootle.