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        Now, that India is place, as it were, so
especially before us, just at this time our
thoughts naturally turn to that sadly afflicted
country, and, therefore, a lecture on "Life in
the Indian Zenanas," given the other evening
by one of the ladies of our town, was most
appropriate, and extremely interesting.  It is
indeed sad to contemplate the lives of our
Indian sisters,  particularly the lot of the un-
fortunate child-widow, whose fate appears to
us, and to all the civilised world, so utterly
unnecessary and terrible.  This lady also gave
an address on the same subject to the Sunday
scholars, and when I tell you that she riveted
their attention throughout, I need not say that
her speaking was most eloquent, for otherwise
she could not have sustained such complete
interest during the whole lecture.  Moreover, it
is easily seen that she possesses that extremely
rare gift, viz., the power of speaking to children

        Don't you wish you were one of those fort-
nate individuals who possess windows overlook-
ing the route to be taken by the Diamond Jubilee
procession? One hears of as much as two hundred
pounds being offered for the use of one window on
the road by which Her Majesty and the royalties are
to drive to St. Paul's Cathedral.  hotels and boarding
houses on the line of procession will also reap a
fine harvest, and at a time when usually their business
is far from brisk.  Whatever else the celebration may
do, it will certainly give rise to an immense circulation
of money.

                                                        ~~~ to be continued.