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                        PETTY SESSIONS.


Before the Rev. John Rimmer (chairman), John Thompson, Esq., John Dickinson,
Esq., H. H. Watson, Esq., Rev. H.Lowther, Colonel Barker, Rev. Thomas
Dalton, Rev. H. F. Curwen, Dr. Clarke, Robert Gibson, Esq., William Lumb,
Esq., and J. L. Burns, Esq.

in custody charged with having neglected to report himself to the police he
being the holder of a ticket-of-leave.  Superintendent Little said on the
18th of March, 1864, the prisoner was convicted of robbery with violence,
and was sentenced to seven years penal servitude.  On the 2nd of January, he
was granted a ticket-of-leave, and when he returned to Whitehaven, in
accordance with the recent Act of Parliament, he arranged to report himself
to the police once a month.  He continued to do so up to the 29th of June
last, when he got into a scrape and absconded, but again returned about a
fortnight ago.  Mr. Little said the prisoner since his return had often been
seen in bad company at unreasonable times of night.  The Chairman cautioned
the prisoner, and dismissed him.

LARCENY. - Thomas Benson, a youth not much higher than the dock, was charged
with having a stolen pocket-knife and a pricker, the property of Mr.
Whittaker, Strand-street.  The prisoner had gone into the shop of Mr.
Whittaker, Strand-street, on Saturday night, and asked the price of some
article, and at the same time lifted the articles named from the counter.
He was observed by a little girl at the door, who informed the prosecutor's
wife.  Prisoner admitted the offence and was remanded till Monday.

    Peter Kelly was fined 15s for having been drunk and disorderly at
Harrington on Saturday night.
    William Atkinson was fined 20s for having been drunk and disorderly at
Hensingham on Saturday night.
    James Smith was fined 15s for having been drunk and disorderly on the

ADJOURNED BREWSTER SESSIONS. - William Farren, of Hurdy Neb, applied for a
license to his beerhouse at the above place.  Supt. Little opposed the
application in consequence of the character of the house; and P.C. Shields
gave evidence stating that it was the constant rendezvous of poachers.
License refused.
    The bench also refused to grant a beerhouse license to James Byrne, of
Cleator Moor.
    An application was made for a license to the "Swan" at Egremont, lately
taken from the house, but the bench refused to grant it.


    Captain Hughan applied for a renewal of the license to the Whitehaven
Cricket-field.  Mr. Paitson appeared in support of the application, and Mr.
Mason appeared to oppose.  Mr. Paitson said he appeared on behalf of Captain
Hughan, who applied for a renewal of his license to the Cricket-field.  He
(Mr. Paitson) was at a loss to know why the granting of them had been
adjourned.  Mr. Mason said he appeared to oppose the application.

Mr. Paitson:  Who do you appear for ?
Mr. Mason:  I appear on behalf of several subscribers to the field
Mr. Paitson:  I wish to have the names of the subscribers you appear for.
Mr. Mason:  There is Mr. Cameron, Dr. Dickson, and several others whose
names you can have in due course.  I don't only appear for one but for
several subscribers.  I'll call one, Mr. Cameron.
Mr. Brockbank:  Very well, if you call one that will give you a 'locus

Mr. Paitson then proceeded to say that he had not had the advantage of
having been present when the granting of the license to the Cricket Field
was adjourned, but perhaps some of the gentlemen who were on the bench at
the time would be kind enough to inform him why it had been adjourned, and
whether there was anything given in evidence before them against the
granting of the license.

to be continued...................................