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I  remember well when the first reaper was brought into this country by Mr.
Isaac Atkinson.  It used to make such a row that it frightened the horses,
and people heard it for miles off.  Some people laughed, but what is the
case now ? When I am walking over the country, I feel surprised when I come
to a field that is cut with hooks or sickles  -  every one almost uses a
machine.  (Cheers).  But not only are we getting on with machinery in
Cumberland - we seem to be excelling with our stock.  I got the other day a
report of the Manchester meeting of the Royal Agricultural Society, from
which I observed that no less than eleven prizes in the horse class went to
my friends and neighbours in different parts of Cumberland -(cheers)- and
although we did not quite so well in regard to cattle, that was perhaps
because Mr. Foster did not show.  (Laughter.)  Yet we came very near winning
the head prize for aged bulls - what I call the blue ribbon in the
agricultural world - for Mr. Saunders, of Nunwick Hall, came second with his
bull Edgar.  That all speaks well for the way in which we are getting on in
Cumberland, and I believe we shall be able to go on holding our own and keep

It requires energy, it requires activity, it requires perseverance; and all
I hope for the Aspatria Agricultural Society is that it will tend to
stimulate that activity, to increase that energy, and to sustain that
perseverance, so that when the time comes, that must come to every human
thing, for all to be disestablished - (a laugh) - those who have promoted
and sustained it may be gratified by the recollection that in their day and
generation they have done something to improve the agriculture of their
(Loud Cheers).

Mr. FOSTER, of Killhow, proposed  "The givers of special prizes, Mr. Paitson
and Mr. Fisher."  He was glad to find gentlemen like these coming forward
and giving special prizes; and he quite agreed with all Sir Wilfrid Lason
had said in regard to district shows and the encouragement they gave to
small breeders, by whom they must remember the great bulk of cattle in this
country was produced. (Cheers).  Nothing tended more to the encouragement of
these breeders than looking after every horse, cow, sheep, and pig they
employed.  (Hear, hear).  It was most important that they should not
hesitate to spend 10s instead of half-a-crown, if by so doing they could
secure the sevices of a well-bred animal, whether it were a stallion, a
bull, a ram, a boar, or anything else, even down to ducks. (Laughter).

There was one remark he wished to make to the committee, he did not wish by
any means to find any fault, but there had been a great deal of delay in the
leaping hunters, but he had no doubt that would be remedied another year.
He (Mr. Foster) would have a great deal of pleasure in doing all he could
for the prosperity of the society, and he had no doubt that it would prove a
great success.  He begged to propose the toast with three times three.

The VICE-CHAIRMAN said he felt greatly indebted to Mr. Foster for the very
kind way in which he had spoken of Captain Fisher and himself.  Captain
Fisher had asked him to say that owing to an affliction in his family he had
been prevented from being present, but he could assure them that he knew
that Captain Fisher was deeply interested in the prosperity of Aspatria, and
would at all times be ready to come forward to do what he could for the good
of the town. (Cheers).  He was only very sorry that he was unable to be
present upon that occasion.

to be continued................