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THE DINNER continues......

The CHAIRMAN next proposed the toast of the evening "Success to the Aspatria
Agricultural Association".  (Cheers).  He said  -  I may say without any
exaggeration that this has been a great day for Aspatria--(cheers)--and the
credit of what has taken place to-day is due to the energy, and the
enterprise, and the activity of the men of Aspatria themselves. (Cheers). I
disclaim all credit for having promoted in any way the successful show of
to-day.  When my friends proposed a show, I told them my honest opinion,
that we were overburdened  with shows in Cumberland almost, and all I have
done has been to say that I would subscribe to the show if they really
thought they could make it a success.  Well, they have done so, and having
put their shoulders to the wheel, all who have visited the field to-day know
that their enterprise has turned out a perfect and complete success.

We have, I think, at least a dozen agricultural shows in this county, and
that was my reason for thinking perhaps we had sufficient;  but the
proceedings of to-day have shown that there is room for one more.  (Hear,
hear).  And there is a great deal to be said for what are called the local
shows.  I think it was my friend, Mr. Foster, at Wigton, who said a word or
two very wisely, as I thought, in defence of them.  Many a man who is unable
to send his stock to a distance to a larger show to compete for more
valuable prizes, is able to send them when the exhibition is close at home,
and it gives an opening for unobtrusive merit.  At the larger shows the best
animal may be brought forward and exposed to the public, but better may be
hiden under a bushel, if I may use the term.  But, on the other hand, a man
who has a good beast "fit to beat 'out' at t'Royal Agricultural Show"  when
he brings it to this show and finds he is not equal to his neighbours in
Aspatria, he is saved a great deal of trouble from the idea that he is going
to make a wonderful beast. (Laughter).  I said that this was a local
association, but the gentlemen who manage the show acted in a very bold and
plucky manner by throwing it open to the whole country.

Mr. TODD, of Mireside  -  It is open to all comers.

The CHAIRMAN - Oh, my friend corrects me;  it is opened to the world.
(Cheers).  That shows great pluck, and it is a gratifying fact that many of
the animals which took the prizes, come from our own locality. (Cheers).  I
have not had any particular report of the show laid before me, but I hope we
shall have a word or two from one or two of the judges.  I only know that
the numbers were equal to anything we could have expected, and did not fall
far short of the old-established and prosperous Wigton Society's meeting the
other day.  (Cheers).  Therefore I shall not dwell on the merits of the
show;  as I have said, others can do so better than I can.  It is difficult
for one who does not profess to be a fully practical agriculturist to make
an instructive speech in proposing a toast of this kind, especially when the
ground has been gone over so often.  We members of Parliament take politics
for our profession, but party plitics most wisely are excluded from any
meetings of this kind, for in Cumberland we Blues and Yellows feel too
strongly to discuss our political principles over the festive board.  But
there are questions which are not exactly party questions which perhaps I
may allude to (Hear, Hear).

to be continued................................