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CATTLE - Shorthorns
    Bulls two-years old and upwards.  J. Scott, Little Crosthwaite, "Lord
Ellendale," £2;  2nd, Robert Ellwood, Cannonby Hall, "Wellington," £1.
Three entries.
    Bulls under two years old, age considered.  Stephen Grave, Mirkholme,
£2;  2nd, George Highfield, Blencogo, £1;  commended,  J. Littleton, Arkleby
Hall.  Twelve entries.
    Cows or Heifers, in calf or milk.  Robert Jefferson, Preston Hows, £2;
2nd, William Thompson, Aigle Gill, £1;  commended, William Parkin, Leegate.
Fourteen entries.
    Heifers calved in 1867.  William Parkin, £1;  2nd, Robert Jefferson,
10s.  Six entries.
    Heifers calved in 1868.  1st and 2nd. Robt. Jefferson, £1  10s.  Six

    Cows or Heifers of the Galloway or any other breed, except Shorthorns.
John Bewley, Warthole Guards, £2;  2nd George Smith, Papcastle, £1;  highly
commended, J. Atkinson, Aspatria;  commended, Joseph Barnes, Blennerhasset
Mill.  Eight entries.
    Heifers calved in 1867.  James Carruthers, Aspatria, £1;  2nd, William
Paitson, Aspatria, 10s.  Two entries.
    Heifers calved in 1868.  John Mattinson, Aspatria, £1;  2nd, William
Holliday, West House, 10s;  Eight entries.

WILLIAM PAITSON, ESQ., OF WHITEHAVEN, gave a Cup, value Five Guineas, for
the best animal in the above class, subject to certain conditions.  Awarded
to R. Jefferson's "Holly Bush."

HORSES - Cart.
    Brood Mares for Agricultural Purposes.  G. And G. Mawson, Cockermouth,
£1  10s;  2nd, John Iredale, Thackthwaite, 15s;  commended, Thomas Baxter,
Bromfield.  Five entries.
    One year-old Cart Filly.  Mrs. Graves, Ellen Hall Mill, £1;  2nd John
Rome, Mealrigg, 10s.  Four entries.
    One year-old Cart Colt.  Jonah Taylor, Ireby Mill, £1;  2nd, John
Mitchell, Blennerhasset, 10s.  Two entries.
    Two year-old Cart Filly.  John Iredale, £1;  2nd, Jon. Holliday,
Plumbland Mill, 10s;  commended, Thomas Roper, Threapland Hall.  Four
    Two year-old Cart Colt.  Mrs. Hall, Arkleby, £1;  2nd, John Stamper,
Waverton, 10s;  commended, Jonah Taylor.  Five entries.
    Three year-old Cart Filly.  John Todd, Mireside, £1.  One entry.
    Three year-old Cart Colt.  Matthew Harrison, Newlands Row, £1;  2nd,
William Parkin, 10s;  commended, Tom Hodgson, Flimby Hall. Three entries.

MR. JOHN ROBINSON, OF WIGTON, gave £1 for the best foal got by his horse
"Wanderer." - George Tordiff, Wolsty Stangs.  Three entries.


    Brood Mares for Saddle.  Thomas Baxter, £1  10s;  2nd, George Smith,
Papcastle, 15s;  commended, Henry Railton, Snittlegarth, and William
Beattie, Blennerhasset.  Nine entries.
    One year-old Fillies.  John P. Foster, Killhow, £1,  2nd William Norman,
Hall Bank, 10s;  commended W. F. Wilson, Gale.  Ten entries.
    One year-old Colts.  Sir Wilfrid Lawson, £1;  2nd, John P. Foster, 10s.
Seven entries.
    Two year-old Fillies.  H. Railton, £1;  2nd, George Ruddick, Arkleby,
10s;  commended, Henry Spark, Edderside.  Ten entries.
    Two year-old Colts.  William Beattie, £1;  2nd  H. Railton, 10s;
commended, W. Waugh, Allerby Mill.  Eight entries.
    Three year-old Fillies.  Thomas Milburn, Grinsdale, £1;  2nd, H.
Railton, 10s.  Eight entries.
    Three year-old Colts.  T. Hodgson, Flimby, £1;  2nd, William Norman,
10s;  commended, John Twentyman, Edderside.  Three entries.


    Brood Mares.  Thomas Morton, Longburgh House, £1  10s;  2nd, William
Norman, 15s;  commended, William Beattie.  Nine entries.
    One year-old Fillies.  William Norman, £1;  2nd John Arnott, Plumbland,
10s.  Five entries.
    One year-old Colts.  Thomas Baxter,£1;  Sir Wilfrid Lawson, 10s;
commended, Joseph Gorringe, Wellington Farm.  Five entries.
    Two year-old Fillies.  John Blackstock, Hayton Castle, £1;  2nd, William
Beattie, 10s;  commended, John Baxter, Langrigg.  Eleven entries.
    Two year-old Colts.  Leonard Potts, Wigton, £1;  2nd, John Todd,
Mireside, 10s;  commended, Fanny Brough, Goody Hills.  Four entries.
    Three year-old Fillies.  G. T. Carr, Silloth, £1;  2nd, Thomas Pirt,
Gilrux;  commended, John P. Foster.  Five entries.
    Three year-old Colts.  Sir W. Lawson, £1;  2nd, Joseph Barnes, Wolsty
Stangs, 10s.  Seven entries.

JOHN BLACKSTOCK, ESQ.,  OF HAYTON CASTLE, gave the following premiums for
foals and yearlings got by his horses "Langar" or "Allerdale".
    Filly Foals.-W. Waugh, £1.  Two entries.
    Colt Foals.-William Norman, £1;  2nd William
                      Pattinson, Aspatria, 10s. Six entries
    One year-old Fillies.-William Norman, £1;  2nd
                     John Arnott, Plumbland, 10s. Four
    One year-old Colts.-Sir W. Lawson, £1;  Wm.
                                    Waugh, 10s. Six entries.

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