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The Horses continued...............

Mr. Norman, Hall Bank, carried off first honours in the class for the best
colt or filly foal for saddle, beating Mr. Morton's foal, which won at
Penrith, Brampton, and Carlisle.  The latter's foal has grand limbs, but was
poor in condition.  It is by "Motley", and promises to grow into a valuable
horse.  It is a nice bay, with four black legs.  The hackney prize brought
out a fine display, Mr. Steel's brown hackney receiving the winning ticket,
and Mr. Railton's grey, second; the latter is the same animal as Mr. Casson
brought out with so much success last year.

The hurdle leaping was eagerly looked forward to, but it was robbed of much
of its attractiveness by the absence of that magnificent mare in black,
"Fanny Drape".  There were nine competitors, but these were soon reduced to
eight by Dr. Robinson's brown horse refusing to take the first hurdle,
though tried repeatedly.  The winner at Whitehaven, on Thursday, leaped very
well, but was not placed.  This little hunter, properly named "Midge", is a
capital jumper, and was second to "Fanny Drape" at Cockermouth.  She is a
brown with white face and three white legs, and was originally bought in
Ireland by Mr. Casson, sold by him to Mr. Hayton, solicitor, Cockermouth,
and after that gentleman had hunted with her a season, he sold her to her
present owner.  Mr. Railton's chestnut mare took first honours, and the
second and third prizes were divided between Mr. Milburn's chestnut mare and
Mr. Norman's black mare "Bessie" the latter in some particulars resembling
"Fanny Drape" in some of her actions, and is, in fact, got by the same sire
as Fanny, viz., "British Yeoman".  The leaping on the whole was tolerably
good.  Mr. Holliday's "Solway Lass" admirably ridden by young Mulcaster, did
her work better than we have seen her do before, though she does not like
leaping in a prize ring,with a crowd surrounding it.

There was an excellent display of sheep, and a small, but average show of
pigs.  No prizes were offered for implements, but there were some exhibited.

Appended are names of the judges and the list of awards: -


John Unthank, Esq., Netherscales, Penrith
Thomas Bell, Esq., Brampton Town Foot

George Coulthard, Esq., Lanercost
George Steel, Esq., Camerton Demesne

John Foster, Esq., The Nook, Longtown
James Beattie, Esq., Newbie House, Annan

to be continued..................