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TUESDAY                                      5 July 1814

THE Liddell, English, from Liverpool to Miramichi, was taken, the 5th ult,
by the American privateer Amelia;  she had also taken the Commerce, Ives,
from Liverpool to Halifax.

The Cod Hook, Poingdestre, from Liverpool to Bay Chaleurs, was taken the
24th ult. off Cape Race, by the Diomede American privateer.


Considerable progress is made in building the new Market-house, which
promises to be one of the handsomest, as well as most convenient edifices of
the kind to be met with anywhere. -
The principal supporters of the (double) roof will be sixteen beautiful
columns, each of them a single block of stone, upwards of nine feet in
length. - Eight of these are supposed to weigh a ton each. - Twelve of the
columns are already erected.
    Thursday next, being the day appointed to be observed as a day of
General Thanksgiving, the market in this town will be holden to-morrow.
    PANORAMA. - This elegant and beautiful spectacle has proved attractive
in a degree which reflects no small credit on the taste of the inhabitants
of this town. - The place in which it is exhibited has been literally
crowded since its opening; - and the pleasure with which it has been viewed
by all ranks, will undoubtedly secure it a numerous attendance during the
remainder of its short stay in Whitehaven. - see the advert.
    CLERICAL CHARITY. - The anniversary meeting of the Governors of this
Charity will be holden at Kendal on Thursday, the * th inst. - see the
    REGATTA. - The Regatta upon Winandermere will this year be on Wednesday
the 27th inst. - see the adv.
    The Lord BISHOP of  ****STER is appointed to preach before the Regent
and other illustrious personages, on the 7th of July, the day appointed for
a general Thanksgiving.
NORTHERN CIRCUIT. - Before Mr. Baron **** and Mr. Justice BAYLEY.
City of YORK and the County of the same on Saturday the 23d. of July, at the
Guild Hall of the said city.
YORKSHIRE. - the same day at the ***fy of York.
DURHAM. - Saturday, the 6th of August, at the Castle of Durham.
Town of NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE and County of the same Town-Thursday the 11th of
August, at the GuildHall of the said Town.
NORTHUMBERLAND. - same day, at the Castle of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
CUMBERLAND. - Saturday, the 27th, at Appleby.
LANCASHIRE. - Wednesday, the 31st, at Lancaster Castle.
to be continued