The usual monthly meeting of this Council was held yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon, there being present: MESSRS. T. RICH (chairman), C. VAUGHAN, J. FAWCETT, J. WAYE, T. J. C. FOX, D. LANG, T. TRESISE, T. RUNDLE, G. HILL, and E. GRIFFIN.

The various committees have elected the following chairmen:

Free Libraries, MR. T. TRESISE
Technical Instruction Committee, MR. T. RUNDLE
Gas, Water, and General Purposes, MR. S. COADE
Highways, Buildings, &c., MR. G. HILL
Recreation Ground Committee, MR. J. FAWCETT
Finance Committee, MR. GRIFFIN.


PUBLIC LIBRARY COMMITTEE. - The Clerk reported that DR. STONEY and MESSRS. G. H. SPENCER and JOSEPH BOWNESS had accepted their appointment as members of this committee. MR. YARR had replied accepting the appointment since the Council Meeting. The following were appointed a sub-committee for to select further books for purchase during the ensuing year, and direct the librarian in compiling lists for approval of the committee, viz "


Your committee have still in view the provision of better library and news-room accommodation at Haverigg, which was referred to in our report of 31st October last. The clerk reported further as to sites available, and we instructed him to make further inquiries. We recommend that the Council authorise us to secure a site forthwith. Resolved that the library be closed on Whit-Monday and Tuesday, May 22nd and 23rd, the news-room to remain open.


Received a further letter from the County Organising Secretary conveying a resolution of the County Committee expressing their opinion that the instalments of principal of the Institute loan should not be charged to the technical instruction account in the way of rent. It has already been pointed out to the County Committee that the instalments of principal and interest do not exceed what would be considered a reasonable rent for the premises, and if the objection is maintained, it will very materially affect urban areas obtaining a fair share of the Excise grant.

The county gave no grant towards the purchase of the premises. To meet the objection, your committee recommend that the Urban District Council let the class-rooms in the Institute to the Technical Instruction Committee at an annual rent of £51 10s, and that the instalment of principal be no longer charged as such.

Your committee resolved to arrange a function of a similar nature to that held last autumn to distribute the certificates gained by the students, as well as to inaugurate the commencement of next session. The secretary will take convenient opportunity to ascertain whether LORD CROSS and MR. COURTENAY HODGSON can attend.

GAS, WATER, AND GENERAL PURPOSES COMMITTEE. - Read clerk's letter to MESSRS. J. BAIN & CO., respecting their failure to deliver coal in February last, and intimating that a deduction would be made from their bill for the extra cost of obtaining coal from local sources. Also read reply from MESSRS. BAIN deprecating such a course, but no explanation of the non-delivery was submitted.

Your committee therefore directed the deduction to be made. Read further correspondence with the Millom Parish Council as to the use of fire engine and apparatus and the services of the brigade being supplied to the rural parish in case of need. The Parish Council offered an annual subscription of £3 for these privileges, but your committee repeat that they do not consider that less than £5 should be accepted.

CLERK reported that handbills and notices had been freely distributed, but no interest appeared to be taken in the Tuesday's market, and no business worth mentioning had been done since it was opened. Attention was directed to the suggestion of the Auction Mart Co., that the open market in the Square should close at seven p.m. on Saturdays, but your committee did not see their way to acquiesce in it.

HIGHWAYS, BUILDINGS, HEALTH, AND SANITARY COMMITTEE. The Surveyor reported that he was still without Scotch flags, which delayed proceeding with parapet repairs. The surveyor's attention was directed to the inferior way in which the channels were laid, and he was requested to efficiently supervise the work.

It was agreed to again refer back the question of the sale of two horses to the committee.