LORD MUNCASTER, Lord Lieutenant of Cumberland, who returned from the Continent last week end, has written to MR. WEBSTER, the hon. secretary of the Carlisle wrestling ring, and in according his patronage, said: ---
"I am glad that the sport is in a fair way to be maintained, and to keep its county character, and I shall watch to see how the new scheme works with interest, and hope for its genuine success".
Subscribers during the past week include  MR. JOHN STIRLING, of Fairburn, Muir of Ord, £5;   MR. W. STANLEY, Southwaite Hill,  and  MR. J. G. EDGAR, Stag Park, Petworth, £2  2s each;  MESSRS. JENNINGS BROS., Cockermouth, £1  1s;   MR. W. P. STANDISH, Marwell Hall, Winchester, £1;   &c.
The entries for the foot handicaps have closed.
There are fully 100 entries for the 130 yards men's handicap, including crack runners like C. HARPER, of Oldham, the ex-champion of the world,  and  HARRY BAXTER, of Rotherham, the winner of two Sheffield handicaps, one so recently as November last.
Cheap fares have been granted for Whit-Monday over the Maryport and Carlisle system (including Whitehaven,  Workington,  Harrington,  Cockermouth,  &c).