(Before W. M'GOWAN (in the chair),  W. H. KITCHIN,  G. W. KINWORTHY,  and  J. PATTINSON, Esq.)
JAMES RICE, labourer, no fixed residence, (an old offender), was charged with begging at Hensingham, at 10.0 a.m. on the 13th inst.
ELIZABETH DENWOOD, married, Hensingham, said that on Saturday morning about ten o'clock, prisoner came to her house and asked for some hot water.  She told him she had none, and he crushed past her and sat down on a chair.  He then asked for some bread and tea.  She was afraid of him, and gave him what he asked for.  He refused to go out and she had to get a man to put him out.  He used very bad language.
In reply to the prisoner, witness said he did not say he would give her a penny for the food.
P. C. IRVING said he received a complaint from the last witness about the prisoner begging.  He apprehended the prisoner and took him back to the door of the house, and charged him, and he admitted he was begging.
PRISONER;  It's false, I did not.  He was locked up on a false lie (Laughter).  He was making his way to Cleator Moor to see a woman who was ill when he was locked up.
SUPT. KELLY said the prisoner was convicted at this Court on the 30th March, and convicted under the Vagrancy Act for sleeping out.
RICE was sent to prison for a month.
EDMUND LINDSAY, 35, labourer, no fixed address, was charged with lodging in a passage at Whitehaven at two a.m. on the 14th inst.
P. C. BEWSHER stated that at two a.m. yesterday morning he found the prisoner sleeping in a passage in PATTERSON'S Buildings, Whitehaven.  Witness brought him to the Police-station, searched him, and found two oranges, a pipe, and a piece of soap in his possession.  Prisoner gave no account of himself.
PRISONER said he asked a sergeant if he could find lodgings, but he was unable to do so.  He was with his wife and child.
THE CHAIRMAN:  Where is your wife now ?
PRISONER:  Going about Whitehaven, I expect.  I mislaid them somewhere (Laughter).
The SUPERINTENDANT said prisoner was convicted six years ago of being drunk and disorderly.  He had since been convicted several times all over the county.  He was a poor professional tramp.
LINDSAY was sent to prison for a month.