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At a meeting of the committee of the Brown Cow Institute, it was unanimously agreed to commence a billiard handicap tournament among the members of the Institute, prizes being offered as follows:
1st prize, cue in case
2nd prize, silver mounted pipe in case, presented by MR.JAS. TYSON
3rd and 4th prize, new cape, presented by MR. THOS. BLAND.
In the Sunlight Soap competition, held a short time ago, for specimens of drawing open to all England, a prize of five shillings was awarded to MASTER S. WALKER, The Ghyll, who is a pupil with MR. J. H. KILBURN.
The Guild brass band have been engaged to play for the Temperance Society's demonstration in the West Park on Whit-Monday, and also, for the Dunnerdale Temperance Fesitval on Whit-Tuesday.
Last week TOMMY DOBSON had a few of his dogs over at Kirkby Pool trying for otters, but no game was found.
We understand that the School Trustees have decided to adopt a reduced scale of charges for the use of the parish piano, as recommended by the members of the Parish Council.
Preparations are being made for the erection of a mansion for W. I. BARRATT, near Kepplewray Hill.

On Friday evening last, a grand juvenile fancy dress ball was given in the Schoolroom, Aulthurside, by the pupils of PROFESSOR S. B. ROBINSON.  A special gallery had been erected for the accommodation of visitors who were present in large numbers, the room being packed to its utmost capacity.
The youthful performers went through their various dances in a thoroughly artistic manner, and entering with zest into their work, drew forth frequent rounds of applause from the audience.
The programme was as follows: --
Napoleon's grand march, the King and Queen hornpipe, MISS J. SATTERTHWAITE (Queen), Master J. JACQUES (King);   heel and toe country dance (hornpipe), MASTERS T. WOODBURNE and J. GARNETT;   ballroom polka (light steps), MESSRS. A. DIXON,   N. DIXON   and   J. DIXON;  hoop dance, MISSES A. FREARSON,   M. *ACKSON,   E. HOOLE,   S. HOOLE;  hornpipe, MISSES E. JACKSON  and  M. SIMPSON;
First set of quadrilles;  hornpipe, MISS J. SATTERTHWAITE (Queen);  horse to Newmarket, MASTERS S. WALKER,   D. PEARSON,   and   H. SIMPSON;  hornpipe, MISSES M. JACQUES   and   F. JACQUES;   waltz.  hornpipe, MASTER H. DOUGLAS;  Highland fling, MISSES A. FREARSON,   M. JACKSON,   E. HOOLE,   S. HOOLE;  hornpipe, MISS S. SATTERTHWAITE;
Lancashire clog dance, MASTERS D. PEARSON   and  S. WALKER;  hornpipe, MISS D. WHINERAY;  plaidie dance, MASTER J. JACQUES,  MISSES M. SIMPSON,  M. DIXON,  E. JACKSON,  J. SATTERTHWAITE   and J. DIXON.
Washington post;  hornpipe, MASTER H. SIMPSON;  Lancers, hornpipe MISS M. SIMPSON;  Schottische;  hornpipe, MASTER J. WOODBURNS   and   T. DIXON;  Highland fling,  MISSES D. WHINERAY,   E. HOOLE,   A DIXON,   S. SATTERTHWAITE,   M. JACQUES,   M. SIMPSON,   F. JACQUES;  hornpipe, MASTER S. WALKER
Barn dance;  hornpipe, MISSES E. HOOLE,   S. HOOLE, skipping rope dance, MISS A. FREARSON,   M. JACKSON,  E. HOOLE,   D. WHINERAY;  hornpipe, MASTER D. PEARSON;  Circassian Circle;  hornpipe, MISS E. HOOLE;  hoop dance, MISSES WHINERAY,   E. HOOLE,  A. HOOLE;  hoop dance, MISSES WHINERAY,   E. HOOLE,  A. DIXON,   F. JACQUES,   M. SIMPSON,   M. JACQUES,  and  S. SATTERTHWAITE;
hornpipe, MISS A. FREARSON;  jockey dance, MASTERS T. DIXON,  J. WOODBURNE,   and  H. DOUGLAS;  hornpipe, M. JACKSON;  Sailor's hornpipe, MASTERS A. D. PEARSON,   H. DOUGLAS,   and   S. WALKER;
Exhibition clog dance, MISSES M. JACKSON,   D. WHINERAY,   and   S. SATTERTHWAITE.
The Juvenile portion of the programme concluded with a grand Garland Redouna, after which the room was placed at the service of the adult visitors.  The music was supplied during the evening by PROFESSOR ROBINSON's quadrille band.