Influenza is abating in the Moor Row and Cleator district, but there is still a considerable number of people confined to their homes owing to this much-dreaded ailment.  The friendly benefit societies' funds have been affected very much again by its return.  Happily very few deaths have taken place amongst those attacked.
At the weekly Christian Endeavour, in connection with the above church, a very interesting and instructive paper was read.  The  paper had been sent from Australia by MR. P. HAND, jun., a former member of the Christian Endeavour, and was entitled "MyTrip to Australia".  It was read by the President (MR. J. L. JACKSON).  At the close it was agreed that the thanks of the meeting be sent to MR. HAND for his excellent description of his voyage.  MR. JACKSON was also accorded a vote of thanks for his services.
The weekly Bible Class started at the above church by the new curate, the REV. J. WHARTON, M.A., of Moor Row, has become very popular.  A large number of people from the surrounding villages have joined the class, which is on Wednesday nights.
The anniversary services of this school were celebrated on Sunday and Monday under most favourable auspices in the Board Schools, which had been lent by the Egremont School Board.
On Sunday morning the preacher was the REV. G. S. WORTHINGTON, Egremont, whose discourse was much appreciated.
In the afternoon and evening a programme of recitations was gone through in a manner reflecting credit not only upon the scholars, but also the tutors, MR. J. KITCHIN,   MISS MARSH,   and   MISS BYERS, who had spent a good deal of time and pains in getting the children up to such a state of perfection.
Special music was rendered by the choir and children, ably conducted by MR. J. KITCHIN, whilst MR. W. H. KITCHIN was the organist.
Collections taken at each service in aid of the Sunday School Funds. 

On Monday the children assembled at the church in fine weather, and afterwards, accompanied by their teachers, they marched to the residences of MR. R. JEFFERSON, Springfield;   MR. DAVIDSON, Ore Bank;   and   MR. ADDISON, Park House, at each of which places a donation was kindly given in aid of the school funds.
Eventually the processionists adjourned to a field willingly placed at their disposal by MR. KNIGHT, and here they were regaled with a capital tea.
A public tea was subsequently held in the church, and was well attended, the tables being under the care of MISS SOUTHWARD,   MISS S. SOUTHWARD,   MISS EDMONDS,   MISS ROBERTS,   MISS MARSH,   MISS MOORE,   and   MISS BYERS, with MRS. TODD and MRS. BELL in charge of the cutting-up department.
A public meeting was held afterwards, held under the presidency of MR. JOHN BELL, superintendent of the Sunday School.  Forcible addresses were given by the Chairman and the REV. G. S. WORTHINGTON, and the meeting was interspersed with music by the choir and children.
On Saturday MR. JOSEPH JACKSON, auctioneer, who was acting for MR. JOHN SMITH (who is at present from home), sold the cattle, &c., belonging to MR. ROBERT M'COOMBS, cowkeeper, who is declining business.
    Their was a fair attendance of farmers and good prices were realised.  Calver, due in October, £10  17s  6d. MR. JOHN HAILE;   cows, £6 12s 6d,  £8  12s 6d, and £11  10s, MR. ANDREW BEWSHER, Cobra Castle;   two young pigs, 20s each, MR. JOHN MITCHELL.
Orders for the week ending May 27th, 1899:  On duty, SERGT. E. GAYTHWAITE and LANCE-CORPL. R. HANNAH.
1.  Parade in drill order, at seven p.m., on Tuesday, 23rd inst.;  band to attend;  a good muster requested.  2.  Series shooting on Saturday, 27th inst., from two till five p.m.,  "A" and "B" divisions - entrance, 1s. - By order, N. THOMPSON, Captain.
On Tuesday night week a meeting of subscribers of what is known as the "Jubilee Sports" was held in the Church School.
The REV. REES KEENE was voted to the chair.  There were also present:
MESSRS. TYSON (Hazel Bank),   R. MATTERSON (White Croft);   B. MATTERSON, (Fleming Hall);   J. J. ARMSTRONG;  T. A. THORNE, (Ellerslie),  W. EILBECK;   J. WATSON;   H. STEELE;   L. PORTER;   J. TURNER;   W. CHIDLEY;   M. KELLY;   M. EILBECK;   J. BIRCH (sec);  and others.
MR. H. STEELE, on behalf of the Oddfellows, informed the meeting that they desired to amalgamate the juvenile lodge sports with the above sports.  He (MR. STEELE) said they would contribute a sum of money towards the sports, and also pay a portion of the cost of a band.
MR. BIRCH read over the statement of accounts, which showed a balance in favour of the sports amounting to £11  9s  8d.
The committee was then appointed. - MR. BIRCH proposed and MR. J. J. ARMSTRONG seconded, that the REV. REES KEENE be chairman for the ensuing year, which was unanimously agreed to. - MR. R. MATTERSON was elected vice-chairman. - MR. J. J. ARMSTRONG proposed and MR. THORNE seconded, that the old committee be re-appointed, which was agreed to.
MR. BIRCH was re-elected secretary.  MR. GAITSKELL treasurer, and the following committee was appointed: -
MR. MATTERSON proposed that the offer of the Oddfellows to amalgamate be accepted.  MR. THORNE seconded, and it was unanimously agreed to.
The date of sports was fixed for June 23rd.  The secretary was instructed to apply for the Cockermouth Industrial Band;  failing them, to advertise.  MR. H. STEELE   and   MR. W. CHIDLEY were appointed to interview MR. JOHN HARTLEY with a view to engaging the field. 
The meeting adjourned to May 29th.
CRICKET PROSPECTS IN GOSFORTH DISTRICT - The Irt Valley Cricket Club, which was formed eight years ago for the parishes of Drigg, Irton, and Muncaster, has been disbanded and the material sold.
    The Ponsonby Cricket Club, as last season, will not arrange any matches for the coming summer.
    The Seascale Recreation Club had not a good season last year.  There was little if any interest taken by the members of the committee.  However, there have been changes in connection with the management which will tend to increase interest in the club.  There are evidently more cricketers now resident in Seascale.  We may therefore look forward to some good play in the matches arranged.  The new officials are:
    The Gosforth Cricket Club has during the winter got possession of its new ground.  The new cricket crease has cost the sum of £80 5s 11d.  The bulk of the money has been given by SIR THOMAS BROCKLEBANK who first suggested that the club should take some ground on a lease and lay a proper cricket crease.  He has always taken great interest in Gosforth Cricket Club.  This year he has proved his continued interest by giving about £70 towards carrying out the suggestions he made.  MR. JOHN TYSON, Hazel Bank, has been elected president in place of MR. E. KEWLEY, who has left the district.  DR. C. A. PARKER and MR. H. HARTLEY continue in office as captain and vice-captain.  Eight matches are arranged for this season.  It was thought advisable to play as few games as possible on the new crease this season.
    Several members of the Irt Valley Cricket Club have promised to join the Gosforth Club.

GOSFORTH PARISH COUNCIL - A meeting of this Council was called for Wednesday evening, to consider MR. MUSGRAVE's letter re water scheme.  There were present:
Before the minutes were read MR. THORNE asked if the meeting was legal ?  Was DR. PARKER legally appointed chairman ?  MR. WATSON took the chair pro. tem. at the annual meeting and he (MR. THORNE) asked who proposed and seconded the motion that MR. WATSON take the chair.  If DR. PARKER could not tell them everything that was done at that meeting, it was out of order.
DR. PARKER:  Gentlemen, is it your pleasure for the meeting to commence ?
MR. THORNE:  I challenge you to prove the meeting is legal.  Who proposed and who seconded the election of MR. WATSON as chairman ?
MR. BENN MATTERSON:  Pardon me, MR. THORNE, you were present at the meeting.  You did not object at the time.
In reply to MR. EILBECK, MR. THORNE admitted that he did not know then that MR. WATSON had no right to take the chair.  He had taken counsel's opinion, and the reply was that the chairman continues in office until his successor be appointed.  If he be a candidate for election, the vice-chairman takes the chair.  I defy you, he said, to go on with the meeting.
MESSRS. BENN MATTERSON and ARMSTRONG at this stage left the meeting.
MR. WATSON:  I say this is no meeting until the minutes are read.  After they are read, I will justify myself in taking the chair.  It was the duty of those opposed to object.  You did not, so you acquiesce in it.
MR. EILBECK:  I think MR. THORNE is drawing hard lines.  You stopped the last meeting.
MR. THORNE:  I ask you, MR. WATSON, could you as clerk take the chair upon your own responsibility ?
MR. WATSON:  I did not take it on my own responsibility.  You all consented.
MR. BENSON:  I propose that the clerk or the chairman read the letter we have met to consider.
Further discussion took place in which MR. WATSON explained that the Parish Council was subject to the regulations of the Local Government Board.  MR. WATSON read from these regulations that if the chairman was unable to act, such duties are to be carried out by the clerk.
    The chairman being absent at Carlisle, he took the chair at the annual meeting.  Being chairman of the parish meeting, he took the chair pro tem. at the first meeting of the Council, the same as was done at Seascale and Irton. The Council allowed him to act,  MR. THORNE acquiesced, and he was never challenged;  that would carry him through.
The regulations of the Corrupt Practices Act applied to Parish Councils, and the Act stated that objection must be made within so many days and a deposit of £500 made to sustain the objection.
DR. PARKER:  I suggest we all resign.
MR. BENSON:  I second that.
After further discussion, MR. BENSON left the meeting, which finally broke up without the minutes having been read.

SEASCALE GOLF CLUB - On Saturday afternoon a medal competition handicap for a prize given by the captain was played at Seascale.  MR. N. N. .THOMPSON  and  MR. H. BRAITHWAITE put in a win with a score 91 nett.  A second competition will take place in June, the first and second in each competition will play off the prize on July 8th by match play, 18 holes, under special handicap.
HAILE AND WILTON SCHOOL - The Inspector's report with respect to the examination of the above school is to hand.  It is gratifying to state that the result is "excellent".  The school is taught by MISS LOGAN, assisted by MISS M. J. CARTNER.
HAILE NOTES - On Sunday afternoon some lambs belonging to MR. ISAAC MAWSON, Grange, were worried by two terriers and a cur dog which visited Haile Hall Parks.  Fortunately MR. WM. HAILE came upon the scene, and prevented further destruction. 
    On Monday the Archdeacon visited Haile for the purpose of swearing in the church wardens,  MESSRS. S KNIGHT  and  J. HAILE. 
    On Sunday, MR. C. WATSON, of Broadlees, Haile, lost a valuable milch cow.