The "Rising Star" Lodge and "Oaks" Branch of the Friendly Benevolent United Order of Mechanics' Friendly Society have issued a most exhaustive statement of accounts and balance-sheet for the year ending December 31st, 1898. 
The sick and benevolent fund shows receipts for the year of £930  1s  9d and an expenditure of £996  19s  3d.  A long list of members who have been in receipt of relief is also given, some members receiving as far as £23 8s during the year.
The total paid in sick pay alone during the twelve months was £727  8s.
Management fund shows receipts of £73  0s  10-1/2d, and an expenditure of £65.
The widows and orphans' fund shows receipts of £38  1s  1d, and payments 22  19s.
There was received from other lodges £19  14s  5d, and paid £22  17s  11d;   anniversary fund receipts, £73  18s  6d;  payments, £13  13s  1d.
The balance of expenditure over receipts for the year was £43  2s  7-1/2d.  The assets of the lodge at the close of the year amounted to £1,219  14s  8d.
Number of members good on the books at the beginning of the year, 41.  Two deaths have taken place, while 24 have left through non-payment, leaving good on the books at the end of the year 694 members.
The accounts, which have been prepared by the secretary, MR. W. LEWTHWAITE, in a most intelligible manner, have been audited by MESSRS. EDWARD E. ATKINSON and F. J. BIRKETT.
The "Perseverance" Lodge and "Primrose" Branch shows a gain during the year from £208  2s 4d to £225  0s  7d.  The number of juvenile members is 273,  25 having been admitted during the year:  14 were transferred to the adult lodge:  23 left by non-payment:  and 1 by death, there being a decrease of 13 on the year.
The juvenile acounts were audited by MR. G. A. COWARD   and   MR. JOHN GRAHAM, being presented by MR. EDWIN HOWDEN, 12, Borwick Rails.