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A well-attended meeting in connection with the above was held in the Infants' School, Great Clifton, on Saturday evening, MR. JOSEPH IRELAND presiding.  The result of the ballot was Blackpool, 122;   Liverpool, 53.  It was decided that an excursion be arranged to Blackpool on July 15th.  It was also decided that the workmen at Buckhill and Camerton collieries be invited to co-operate.
    The committee appointed to carry out the arrangements is as follows: -
MR. J. GILCHRIST (president),   J. W. STEELE (hon. sec.),   J. M'CANCE (treasurer),   J. PEART,   J. IRELAND,   T. M'KEATING,   J. P. TINNION,   W. SANDILANDS,   J. FRAZER,   C. MOONEY,   F. DEMPSTER,   J. HARRIS,   W. SHARPLES,   G. SMITH,   F. GRIFFITHS,   D. POTTS, J. WILSON,   and   G. STEPHENSON.