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On Sunday the above annual anniversary services were held in the Congregational Church, Workington, and proved exceedingly successful.  The REV. H. C. MAUNDER, of Maryport, preached two excellent sermons to large congregations.  In the afternoon a most interesting service for parents and children was given, which was conducted by MR. MAUNDER.
    MR. W. GREEN occupied the chair.  There was a large gathering.  On Monday afternoon a public tea was held in the schoolroom.  The ladies who presided at the tables were: -  MRS. NORMAN,   MRS. WILKINSON,   MISS HARWOOD,   MISS M. REES,   MISS SWIFT,   MISS COOK,   and   MISS REES, assisted by  MISS WILLIAMS,   MRS. BEAVAN,   MRS. MUSCAT,   MISS E. HARWOOD,   and   MISS POWELL.
    At night a meeting was held in the church, when the Derwent Male Voice Choir, conducted by MR. J. HANNA, rendered selections with excellent effect.  Hymns and recitations were given by the children, and a solo by MRS. JAMES.
    The Mayor (MR. R. H. HODGSON, J.P., C.A.) occupied the chair, and delivered an appropriate address.  MR. F. HALL and MR. J. G. MILLS delivered thoughtful and stimulating speeches on Sunday school work. 
    At the close of the interesting gathering, the REV. C. BURROWS (pastor) proposed a hearty vote of thanks for the Mayor's services, and also those of the Derwent Male Voice Choir.  It was seconded by MR. HARWOOD, and carried amidst applause.  MISS HIDEN presided at the organ.
    The collections were in aid of the school funds, and amounted to nearly £20.