ARCHDECANAL VISITATION AT WHITEHAVEN. - The VENERABLE ARCHDEACON DIGGLE made his visitation of the Whitehaven churches on Monday.  The Archdeacon was accompanied by the rural dean (REV. G. B. ARMES), and in the course of the day visited St. Nicholas's,  St. James's,  Trinity,  and  Christ Church. 
At St. Nicholas he was met by the vicar  (REV. C. B. S. GILLINGS),  and  MR. A. KITCHIN   and   MAJOR ROBINSON (the wardens);  
and at St. James's by the REV. R. DUNCAN (vicar),  MESSRS. J. PARKER  and  J. T. RAY (retiring wardens),  and  MESSRS. A. W. JOHNSTON  and  W. H. AINSWORTH (newly-elected wardens);
at Trinity Church by the REV. JAMES ANDERSON (vicar),  and  MESSRS. C. ROSE  and  W. GRAHAM (wardens); and
at Christ Church by the REV. H. T. ADAM (vicar),  REV. G. NEDHAM (curate),  and  MESSRS. H. M. JAMES  and  M. THORNBER (wardens).