THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO CHILDREN. -  The sixth annual report of the Carlisle and Cumberland Branch of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children has just been issued.  The Executive Committee report that branches have been established at Whitehaven and Workington, including the district of Millom, and they hope that an inspector may this year be placed in West Cumberland, where there is great need for supervision.
    The balance sheet shows a falling off in the receipts of over £2, and an increase in the expenditure, principally caused by the change of inspector;  but after providing for the branch expenditure, the committee were able to remit over £19 to the head office in aid of the national work.
    During the year a legacy of £199 was received from the trustees of the late MISS ROBINSOIN, of Wetheral.  This is the first legacy that has been bequeathed to the Society from Cumberland.
    During the year, 184 cases were investigated, of which 142 occurred in Carlisle, and of the total number, 155 were cases of neglect.  Only nine cases, however, were taken into Court, and convictions were obtained in all of them..
    The 184 cases investigated affected the welfare of 579 children, being 65 cases and 263 children less than in the previous year.
    In addition to investigating these cases, the Inspector made 243 supervision visits in different parts of the county.  The committee state that the improvements noticed after the Inspector's first visit are in nearly every case maintained, and many parents have acknowledged the kindness of the officials of the Society.
    The committee express their thanks to the Chief Constable of Cumberland and Wesmorland, and the Chief Constable of Carlisle and their officers, as well as to the school attendance officers, for the assistance they have rendered the Society in carrying on its excellent work.