SEA TRIP FROM Whitehaven to Douglas, per as Manxman, on Whit-Monday.  Since 1892 this steamer has run two trips each season from Whitehaven, so that they have had good opportunities of judging as to the splendid accommodation provided for the comfort of both saloon and steerage passengers. 
    The fares are at the usual figures, viz., saloon 4s, and steerage 2s 6d, no advantage being taken to charge more on Bank Holidays.  The Manxman gets the railway passengers as well as the excursionists from Whitehaven, and both Whitehaven and railway passengers should see to securing their tickets early.  The Manxman will probably be in Whitehaven over Sunday, the 21st inst.
1st CUMBERLAND VOLUNTEER ARTILLERY, 1  COMPANY. - Orders for the week ending 28th May, 1899.  Wednesday and Friday only, gun drill, all members.  Promotion:  All candidates to attend drill on Friday, 26th inst.  Church parade:  The company will attend.  Divine Service at St. James's, on Sunday, 28th inst. band to attend.  Fall in at drill shed, at 10.30 a.m., church parade dress.
CUMBERLAND PEOPLE IN LONDON. - The Inns of Court Hotel, in Holborn, which has long been a favourite resort of Cumberland visitors to the metropolis, whether bent on Parliamentary, law courts, or other business, or on pleasure alone, continues its career of steady progress and prosperity. 
    The new smoking-room, or, as we might term it, "Hall", just  opened, does not replace the splendid Grand Central Hall, but is an addition to meet the demands of those desiring a "warmer" room.
    The pretty self-contained suites are finished, and the new banquet and lodge-rooms are in hand, as well as a large ladies' drawing-room with retiring rooms attached.
    The manager remarks with some satisfaction, that while the comfort of visitors is being well looked after, attention is given to the well-being of the staff, as when the present alterations re completed, they will have the best staff quarters, with excellent conveniences.
    The directors have also decided to split the £20 shares into four £5 each, which has met with great approval and increased the popularity of the building.
"D" COMPANY, 1st V.B. BORDER REGIMENT. - Orders for week ending Saturday, 27th May, 2899.  On duty, SERGEANT J. BROWN,   CORPORAL J. ORR,    and   BUGLER T. BEST.  Recruits' drill on Wednesday and Friday, at 7.30 p.m.  Company drill, on Wednesday, at 7.30 p.m.  Third class firing, on Saturday, at two p.m.
By Order, J. HOPE BROWN, Captain.
D COMPANY, 1st V.B. BORDER REGIMENT. - The second shoot in the short range competition took place on Saturday, 13th May, in very unfavourable weather.  Rain fell heavily all the afternoon, and there was a thick mist, consequently very few shot, and the scores were low, though, considering that at 500 and 600 yards, the targets was almost invisible, they were fairly creditable.  The next shoot will be on the 10th June.  The scores were as follows:
                                        200                500                600            Ttl.
PVT. J. M'DIARMID             30                  24                  25            79
CAPT. J. HOPE BROWN     29                 18                   28            75
PVT. J. HUTCHINSON         23                  29                  18            70
LIEUT. A.C. SCOULAR        20                  20                  11            51
PVT. R. NUTSFORD            21                  10                  14            45
PVT. B. LLOYD                   24                    6                    4            34

THE CHESHIRE HORSE REPOSITORY SALES. - FRANK LLOYD, Nuttall, & Co., of the Cheshire Horse Repository, Crewe, are holding a special and select sale of high class harness horses, pedigree hackneys, show cobs, and ponies, heavy town mares and geldings.  Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, May 24th, 25th, and 26th.
    Valuable cups, to 32 guineas, awarded in the various classes.  This sale always ranks as the best of the year for genuine animals, being wanted for London season, seaside resorts, coaching work, and summer contracts.
APPLEBY AGRICULTURAL SOCIEITY. -  The annual general meeting of the Appleby Agricultural Society was held on Saturday, MR. J. S. RIGG presiding.  The balance-sheet showed an adverse balance of £10  19s  9d.  A long discussion took place on the financial position of the society, and as to the desirability of continuing the show.
    The resignation of the secretary (MR. W. F. TAYLOR) was accepted, and afterwards it was decided to continue on the same lines as heretofore.  The deficit was attributed to the falling off in the gate money and also to a decrease in the subscriptions.
    It was agreed, on the motion of the Chairman, seconded by MR. R. ATKINSON, that those present at the meeting be guarantors for the deficit at the bank.
MR. A. METCALFE-GIBSON, Caldbec, was elected president,  and  MR. C. E. VICKERS, Bongate Hall, vice-president.
DEATH OF A CUMBERLAND MAGISTRATE. - The death has occurred of MR. JOHN SCOTT, of Albyfield, Cumrew, and Wetheral, in North Cumberland, a London merchant.  He was 88 years of age.  He went to London in his boyhood, with the proverbial half-crown in his pocket, given him by his mother, and he became assistant in the warehouse in Cannon-street, of which he eventually became the head.  His career was one of great success.
    He took great interest in young men from Cumberland who settled in London,, and he was the mainstay of the Cumberland Benevolent Institution in the metropolis, acting as its treasurer and trustee.
    In 1878 he built a handsome residence at Wetheral, and resided there every autumn, and he was appointed a magistrate of Cumberland.  One of his sons is Vicar of St Mary's, Paddington, and is hon. secretary and chaplain of the Cumberland Benevolent Institution.
AMERICAN RAILWAY ENGINES. -  The "Engineer" makes this interesting statement: -
        That the orders recently given to the Baldwin Locomotive Works, in the United States, are being executed with quick despatch, as part of the locomotives forming part of the order for the 20 engines given by the Great Northern Railway, of England, in February last, are now en route.
        At these works three engines are turned out every day.  Ten more have just been shipped upon the Midland Company's order for 30 engines.  India's order for 45 engines will be completed within three months.  In June 40 engines will be shipped of the order for 71 engines for the Chinese Eastern Railway.
THE CITY OF ROME. - The well-known Anchor Line steamer, City of Rome, which as just undergone a complete overhaul, has now resumed her sailings between Glasgow and New York.
    As one of the most comfortable and elegantly appointed steamers crossing the Atlantic, the City of Rome has proved very popular with travellers in previous years, and no doubt there will again be an extensive demand on her passenger accommodation during the present season.  She leaves Glasgow for New York on the 20th May.

WHITEHAVEN SAVINGS BANK. - The directors for Saturday, May 20th, are MESSRS. PETER LEECH,   J. B. MOSSOP,   and   R. B. GORDON