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The first movement towards the improvement of Mount Pleasant has now been made.
Hogarth's Church, built 110 years ago, by MR. JAMES HOGARTH, one of the most benevolent gentlemen that Whitehaven has ever known, has for many years been lying in a wrecked condition.
The entire building, under the supervision of MR. MOFFAT, the architect, is now undergoing restoration, and will be ready for occupation by the West Strand Mission in September.
The work is being carried out by MESSRS. CHAPPLE & SON, and includes new roof, taking out side galleries, new end gallery, enlargement of windows, new floor and stairs to gallery and tower room, erecting buttresses to east wall, plastering interior and cementing exterior, also provision for lighting and warming the building.
When these alterations are completed, this church will be the best adapted one in the town for carrying on aggressive mission work.
The large and successful mission school will also obtain the much-needed accommodation for carrying on its important and growing work among the young and neglected population of that crowded neighbourhood.
The area of the church is 50 feet by 35 feet.  In addition there is a large room in the tower and several smaller ones on either side -- the premises are to be healthy and bright -- plenty of air space and abundance of light, thus helping to make the work all the more effective.
A more suitable place or position for carrying on this Mission, which is in such close touch with and operating so directly upon the immediate neighbourhood could not be found.
The entire outlay, including purchase, restoration, and furnishing will be fully £1000.  Two friends have subscribed £100 each, which covers the purchase, and one kind friend has sent £10, so there is yet required £800 to meet the entire cost.
It is fully expected that this will be given by those who feel an interest in this work, so that the mission may be free to carry on without the burden of a debt resting upon it.
MR. L. BORROWDALE is the secretary to the Church Fund, and contributions can be made either to him or MR. JOSEPH CHISAM, Tangier Buiildings, or to the Hogarth's Church Fund, at the Bank of Whitehaven.