The Hensingham people have once more succeeded in escaping from inclusion in the Borough of Whitehaven.  It really looked as if their day was come at last, and that they would be no longer able to evade the fate which no doubt ultimately awaits them, unless Whitehaven really becomes the "decaying township" the people of the neighbouring village declare it is.
Most people will be disposed on the other hand to take the Mayor's view that things are decidedly better in Whitehaven than they have been for a long time.  There is both more money being made, and the prospect that things will be still better.
The very fact that Whitehaven continues increasingly to supply the population of Hensingham, proves that things are going well with the place, for it shows there is a constant tendancy for people engaged in business in Whitehaven to have their place of business there, and to have their residence in this convenient suburban quarter.
So though Hensingham is entitled to all the jubilation it can derive from this victory for the time being, Whitehaven may still solace itself with the consolation that each defeat of this kind only brings a step nearer the day when the anomaly will be removed, and the residents of Hensingham will no longer be able to take to themselves all the advantages of an urban situation, whilst successfully shirking the obligations which accompany such advantages.