AN OLD MAN BURIED IN THE DEBRIS.
On Tuesday evening, between five and six o'clock, a very serious accident occurred in High Scotch-street, Whitehaven.  MR. JOSHUA DRURY, of Peter-street, recently acquired a dwelling-house in High Scotch-street, near to Peter-street, and to this he was adding an additional storey.
The workmen had been removing some scaffolding, and the evening being very wild,  from one of the gusts of wind, the gable end, which had only been recently erected, gave way and fell very heavily through the second storey floor into the room below.
An elderly man named SAMUEL EVANS, a stonemason, residing at Harrison's-court, George-street, who was engaged on the second floor at the time of the occurrence, was literally buried in the debris, while MR. DRURY himself, who was in the lower room, was also knocked down and partly buried, and a man named WATSON was injured about the head.
A lad named I'Anson, who was at work in the high part of the building, had a narrow escape, and hung by a portion of the brickwork until he was released.
The affair caused immense excitement in the vicinity, and several hundred people immediately gathered round the building, and some considerable time elapsed before the place resumed its accustomed condition.
With some considerable difficulty, EVANS was extricated from the mass of bricks which had fallen upon him.  He appeared to have sustained serious injuries and was at once removed to the Whitehaven and West Cumberland Infirmary, where it was found that several of his ribs were broken, his head damaged, and that he was suffering very much from shock.  It is feared that he has also sustained internal injuries.
WATSON also proceeded to the Infirmary, where he had several small scalp wounds dressed.
MR. DRURY's injuries were of a very slight character, and he was able to be about his business almost immediately afterwards.
On inquiry last (Wednesday) night at the Infirmary, it was stated that EVANS had had a very bad day, and was in critical condition.