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       A very interesting entertainment in connection with the Infant School
(St. John's), Hensingham, was held in the Sunday School Room, on Friday
evening last. The room had been most beautifully decked for the occasion by Messrs.






bunting being kindly lent by the committees of the Conservative Association
and the Hensingham Temperance Band of Hope. Mr. T. HALL kindly lent the piano.
There was a crowded attendance.

       The chair was taken by W. H. WILKINSON, vicar. The object of the
entertainment was to try to raise the money to provide a musical instrument for the
Infants School. He wished them all the success they deserved.


Violin Solo....Mr. J. GAMBLES., L.V.I.U.M.

Song....When Babies Go to School....12 infants

Recitation...."Flo's Letter"....Nellie RELPH

Hoop Drill....12 Girls

Reading.... Love Like a Balloon....Rev. W. H. WILKINSON

Bell Drill....12 Boys

Recitation....Granny's Wee Maid....A. M. ELLWOOD

Dance....Highland Fling....6 infants

Song....Polka and the Choir Boy....Rev. E. Quinn COLES

Pianoforte....Mr. J. NICHOLSON

Song and Drill....Chinese Lanterns....12 Girls

Recitation....A Little Boy's Trouble....R. SMITH

Song....I have a Little Dolly....E. SHARPE

Flag drill....12 boys

Song....Eight Little Mothers...(with babies)....8 girls

Violin solo....Mr. J. GAMBLES

Song (Comic)....Keep The Baby Warm....Rev. E. Quinn COLES

Recitation.... The Little Tot....S. HADDON

Dance....Washington Post....10 infants

Garland Drill....12 girls

       The dancing, drills, and acting generally were rendered in a very
excellent manner, as was evinced by the frequent bursts of applause which greeted
the young performers. Many of them were only some seven years of age, and it
was evident in the manner in which everyone of them went through their parts,
that much time, patience, and perseverance must have been spent in getting them
up to their several parts.

       The Chairman said he had very great pleasure in proposing a very
hearty vote of thanks to the teachers of the children, Miss. NICHOLSON (Head
mistress) and Miss BRAY (assistant mistress), for the efficient manner in which they
had discharged their parts; to the parents, for the care exercised over their
children, in having them so nicely dressed, and to the children for their
splendid entertainment.

       The vote was carried unanimously, a similar compliment being paid to
the chairman, on the motion of Mr. James TAYLOR.

       Miss. TIFFIN, Moor Row, and Mr. I. NICHOLSON were the accompanists.

       The proceeding were brought to a close by the singing of the National