The first meeting of this Council was held in the Parochial
Schoolroom, Lamplugh, on Friday evening, when there were present:

Rev. S. G. CRAIG







       Mr. CRAIG proposed that a hearty vote of thanks be accorded to Mr.
Joseph DICKINSON, their chairman for the past year, for his services, and this
was seconded by Mr. STEEL, and unanimously agreed to.

       Mr. JACKSON proposed Mr. DICKINSON's re-election for the ensuing year,
and this was seconded by Mr. STEEL, and carried.

       Mr. CRAIG was re-appointed vice-chairman, an amendment made by Mr.
STEPHENS in favour of Mr. CASSON not being seconded. Mr. CRAIG briefly returned

       The nomination of overseers resulted in the following being elected:



Mr. Posonby JACKSON

Mr. Robert SMITH

       The Clerk read a communication from the Furness Railway Company,
referring to the train service recently complained of by the Council, which stated
that the question was under consideration.

       Mr. CRAIG stated that in the absence of Mr. HOLMES, he should like to
make a few observations in regard to the open land in front of the
Mission-room, Kirkland, in order to ascertain from whom permission would have to be
obtained to allow the erection of an iron reading-room by the members of the
present Kirkland Reading Room. He had looked up the award, but was unable to get any
information therefrom it being simply defined as "waste" ground. He
understood Parish Councils had power to deal with village greens, and District Councils
with road waste &c., but the ground he referred to did not, in his opinion,
come under the jurisdiction of either of these authorities.

       The Chairman said he was of opinion the ground referred  to would
belong to the lord of the manor, Lord LONSDALE, and ultimately it was agreed Mr.
CRAIG and himself, the chairman, be deputed to confer with Mr. J. G. DEES (Lord
LONSDALE's) representative) on the question, and report to next meeting.

       Mr. KNEEN asked if any correspondence had been recently received by
the Clerk from the Dean Parish Council regarding the proposed erection of a
bridge over Beck Snarey, and the Clerk intimated that he had not. Mr. KNEEN wanted
the question further considered. He gave notice of motion for next meeting.

       Mr. CRAIG said there was another footpath of much more importance
demanding attention; that was the road leading through the Whins from Green Bank
to Murton. He gave notice of motion for next meeting that the question of
putting it into repair be considered.

       Mr. STEPHENS said he had a few complaints to bring before the meeting.
One was regarding the dirty state of the road near Low Leys gate, where a
considerable quantity of soil had been washed from the ploughed field across the
road, which in wet weather was three inches deep, thus rendering it very
disagreeable to pedestrians and others. The other complaint he had been requested
to make referred to  a quantity of thorns (cut from a hedge by the road leading
to Knockmurton) being allowed to remain on the public path for some weeks.

       Referring to the first complaint, Mr. CRAIG endorsed what was said,
and it was decided that the surveyor be acquainted with the matter. Regarding
the latter, the Clerk was instructed to write to the person responsible.