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       Recently Mr. Sam WEBB, became the recipient of a present consisting of
a beautiful pipe, in case, a tobacco pouch, and a quantity of tobacco;
presented by the members of the Frizington Liberal Association, as a token of their
appreciation and esteem.

       Mr. WEBB, although the oldest member of the Frizington Association, is
one of the most active members, and had it not been for his untiring efforts
the Frizington Liberal Association would certainly have been in a much worse
condition than it is to-day.

       Mr. JONES who made the presentation, spoke in a eulogistic terms of
Mr. WEBBs work.

       Mr. W. J. ANDERSON, in a few remarks, pointed out that in soliciting
subscriptions he had not met with a single refusal.

       Mr. WEBB, to whom the present came as a surprise, thanked the members
of the Association for their kindness. He would always endeavour to do his
best for the Association.