Examinations have been held during the week under the South Kensington
Science and Art Department, of students attending the various classes held
under the auspices of the Local Technical Instruction Committee.

       On Friday evening an interesting lecture was given in Mr. John
WHINERAY's conservatory, at WHINERAY Bank by Mr. SPELMAN, lecturer to the Lancashire
County Council. The lecture was the second of a series in horticulture,
promoted by the Furness Technical Committee. There was a fair attendance of amateur
gardeners, who showed a considerable amount of interest in the lecturer's

       At a meeting of the Committee of the Brown Cow Institute, Mrs. GARDNER
and Miss GARDNER were elected permanent honorary members of the Institute.

       At a meeting  of the Committee of the Orchestral Guild, held in the
Town Hall, it was unanimously agreed to hold a soiree in the Town Hall on

       The cuckoo was heard at several places in the neighbourhood on the
20th and 21st of the month, principally near Foxfield, Mosses, and in the
vicinity of Eccleriggs.

       The Court BARON and Customary Court for Mrs. SAWREY-COCKSON, lady of
the manor of  Broughton-in-Furness and Subberthwaite, was held at the Manor
Hotel on Monday, before Mr. Thomas BUTLER, who attended as steward to the lady of
the manor.

       On Tuesday afternoon Mr. J. Pearson POSTLETHWAITE, of the firm of
Messrs. LOWDEN & POSTLETHWAITE, deposed of part of the house hold furniture and
effects of Mr. John HOLMES, Princess-street, who is removing from this district
to Ambleside.