Mr. Richard BENSON, of Moat Farm, Aldingham, had 60 half bred ewes
lambed, to Shropshire and Border Leicester rams, of which there were one triplet,
32 doubles, and 23 singles. Consequent on the wet season and damp low-lying
land, and the mortality has been 6 ewes and 17 lambs. Altogether the 60 ewes
brought a total of 90 lambs.

       In the Conishead Priory Hydropathic flock of half-bred and Border
Leicester ewes, stinted to Southdown rams, 66 ewes had lambed to date, bringing
106 lambs, namely, 43 doubles and 20 singles. Four ewes died, but all the lambs
were living.

       Mr. John TEASDALE, of Trinkelt Farm, Ulverston, had 45 half-bred
lambed to date, of which ewes 28 were shearlings. They brought three triplets, 31
doubles, and eight singles, a total of 85 lambs. Two ewes and 10 lambs were

       Mr. James FARRER, of Old Hall Farm, Ulverston, had 34 half-bred and
horned ewes lambs to date, stinted to a Leicester tup. These brought 2 triplets,
22 doubles, and 10 singles, a total of 60 lambs. One ewe and five lambs died.
>From 38 half and three parts bred ewes, stinted to a long woolled ram.

       Mr. William RIGG, of the Falls Farm, Osmotherly, has 70 lambs, 4
triplets, 24 doubles and 10 singles. There have been no deaths amongst the ewes,
but two lambs have died.

       In the flock of long wool ewes belonging to George ROBINSON, of
Bardsea, 19 ewes to date have brought 36 lambs, of which latter five have died
during the stormy weather, but there have been no losses in ewes.

       Mr. William BARTON of Gascow Farm, Ulverston, has had a more
favourable lambing time than last year, and had to date 240 lambs from cross bred ewes.

       Mr. William BALMIRE, of Lane House farm, had 40 half bred ewes,
stinted to Leicester and Shropshire rams, produce being 63 lambs, without the loss
of a ewe, but three lambs have been worried by dogs, and one died.