The monthly meeting of the Board was held in the Infant School, on
Tuesday on Tuesday evening. Present:

Rev. W. G. HODGSON (chairman)





W. BIRKETT (clerk)

Wilson TOLSON (attendance Officer)

                                       Teachers Salaries.

       An application was read from Mr. BRUNSKILL asking for an advance of
£10 in his salary. Mr. BEWLAY proposed and Mr. GARRETT seconded.

       The following resolution was passed by the Board: - "That the minimum
salary for Distington Mixed School be £110 and Maximum salary be £120 per
annum. For the Infant School head teacher's minimum salary £65 and the maximum
salary £75 per annum.  Dyon School head teacher's minimum salary £90, maximum,
£100. Teachers to be two years in the service of the Board before any advance
can be given.  At the end of two years they receive £5, and the remainder at the
end of four years. Mr. BRUNSKILL receives £5 advance now. Mr. WHITE receives
an advance at the end of his two years service." This was carried unanimously.

       Head Master's reports: The DYON master reported that the school yard
wanted repairing. The clock had not gone for over six months. He also reported
the usual absentees. Summonses were ordered to be issued against those who had
previously had attendance orders served upon them.

       Dr. CASTLES and Mr. John BEWLAY were appointed to look after sundry
repairs required at Dyon School. Mr. BRUNSKILL reported that the repairs to the
front porch had been carried out by Mr. SALKELD. He also pointed out several
small repairs which required doing. These were left in the hands of the
visiting committee to look after.

       Miss E. KEAN (assistant mistress in the Infant Department) reported
that her sister (Miss. KEAN), who is  head mistress in the Infant School, had
been ill for a fortnight. She had asked Miss E. DRYDEN to take her sister place
if the Board were agreeable. The board gave them consent for this to be
carried out.

       Dr. CASTLES suggested that the Clerk should write to the head teachers
for a time table of the pupil's teachers' work for which they did during
their private study for which 7  1/2 hours a week were allowed.

       Average Attendance:

Distington Mixed School  176.6 per centage 89

Infant School  112.3 per centage, 75.

       Cheques were signed for £85  18s  8d. The balance standing to the
Board's credit is £465.