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       In history and literature the window holds a conspicuous place. There
is the window in Leven Castle Tower through which the wistful eyes of Mary
Queen of Scots strained their gaze across the lovely lake. There is the window in
Greenwich Palace from which Elizabeth waved her farewells to her brave seamen
as they set forth in their tiny "cockboats" to seek a westward path to far
Cathay. There is a window in the Tower through which the aged LAUD stretched his
hands in benediction as STRAFFORD passed onward to his death. There is the
window in "Carisbrooke's narrow case" which baffled the unfortunate Charles in
his attempt to escape. Then there is the window in the narrow Linlithgow Street
from which Bothwellhaugh shot "the good Earl of Murray," and the window in
the High-Street of Edinburgh whence Argyll watched the chivalrous Montrose borne
onward to his scaffold, with never a thought or forecast of what his own fate
would be.



       If you have an old C. D. V. or cabinet photograph (no matter how
faded) of a departed friend, it can be enlarged to life size, and the picture
guaranteed perfect in every respect by WILSON, Photographer, Whitehaven.