Cleator and Workington Railway Deb., Pref., and Ord Stock.

Maryport and Carlisle Ord. Stock

London City and Midland Bank Shares

Cumberland Union Bank Shares

Clydesdale Bank Shares

JENNING's Bros., Limited, Pref. and Ord. Shares

Charles CAMMELL & Co.'s Ord. Shares

Millom and Askam Iron Co's Pref. and Ord. Shares

Moss Bay Hematite Iron and Steel Co's Deb, Stock, Pref and Ord. Shares.

Maryport Harbour Bonds, Class I, III, and IV.

Jos. ROBINSON & Co., Ld., Debs., and Ord Shares.

London United Laundries Ord. and Pref. Shares.

Whitehaven Hematite Ord. Shares.

CAMMELL's Ord. and Pref. Shares.


Keswick Railway Ord., Pref., and Deb. Stock.

Maryport and Carlisle Railway Deb., Stock

Solway Junction Railway Annuities

London City and Midland Bank Shares.

Cumberland Union Bank Shares.

Carlisle and Cumberland Banks

Bank of Whitehaven Shares

Whitehaven Joint Stock Bank Shares

"Bear's Paw" Restuarant Ord. and Pref. Stock

Maryport Brewery Co's Deb., Pref., and Ord. Stock

Workington Brewery Co.'s Deb., Pref., and Ord. Shares

J. TOMLINSON & Co.'s Ord Ahares

Jos. DALZELL's Brewery Pref Shares

Whitehaven Harbour Bonds

Carlisle Cocoa Co.'s Shares

Whitehaven Auction Co.'s Shares

Workington Bridge and Boiler Shares

MITCHELL's Auction Co.'s Shares


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