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       Last Friday evening, the annual meeting of the members of this club
was held at the Court Buildings, Cockermouth. Mr. SLACK was voted to the chair.
Mr. WATSON, the treasurer, submitted the balance sheet, which having been
issued to the members, was taken as read. It showed that the expenditure was £134 
8s  8d and the receipts were £93  18s  4d, which left a balance of £40  10s 
4d due to the treasurer. Mr. MAYSON proposed the adoption of the accounts. Mr.
BAKER seconded, and the motion was agreed to.

       Mr. BLACKBURN, the secretary, read his report, in which he stated that
the season of 1899 was not such a good one for the club as the previous year.
Of 19 matches played, nine were won, eight lost, and two were drawn; 1,771
runs were made by 188 batsmen, giving an average of 9.42, whilst their opponents
made 1,788 runs for 184 wickets, an average of 9.86. Mr. A. THOMPSON won the
bat given by Mr. HARTLEY for the first eleven batting, with an average of
16.18 for eleven completed innings. (Applause.)

       Mr. James WILLIAMSON was entitled to  the bat given by J. E. JAMES for
the first eleven bowling with an analysis of 12.28 per wicket.

       The Captain, Mr. F. W. JAMES, had a considerably better analysis, but
having won tow prizes in the previous season, he was not eligible for one this

       The second eleven played six games, of which two were won, three lost
and one was drawn. Mr. G. BIRKETT won the bat given by Mr. HARTLEY for batting
with an average of 13.5 for five matches.  Mr. J. F. BOWE won the bat or bag
given by Mr. John HIRD for second eleven bowling with an average of 2.2 per

       Mr. E. L. WAUGH was unanimously re-elected captain of the first
eleven, and Mr. H. BAKER was re-elected vice captain of the second eleven, and Mr.
Ernest BOWE was re-elected vice-captain.

       Mr. JEFFERSON proceeded to present the bats won during the last
season, to Mr. A. THOMPSON for the best batting average in the first eleven. He
trusted Mr. THOMPSON would be successful this year as he had been in the past. Mr.
THOMPSON returned thanks, but said his idea was that the bat should not be
given year after year to the man who had the best average. With their permission
he asked another member of the team, Mr. SISSON, to accept the bat. Mr.
SISSON fielded all through the season remarkably well, but was down on his luck in
his batting, and he felt for his fielding Mr. SISSON was entitled to the bat.
(Applause) The bat was then presented to Mr. SISSON. Messrs. G. BIRKETT, J.
WILLIAMSON and F. H. BOWE were each presented with their prizes.

       Mr. JEFFERSON proposed that their old friend, Mr. BLACKBURN, be
re-elected secretary.

       Mr. STEPHENSON proposed the re-election of Mr. WATSON as treasurer and
the motions were carried unanimously.