For many years the family of BUTLER have occupied the capital farm at
Stainton Head, near Dalton-in-Furness. Recently Mr. George BUTLER found the
farm was too large for his purposes, and he took the Lane End Farm,
Broughton-in-Furness.  This is a  much smaller farm, and yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon
Messrs. LOWDEN and POSTLETHWAITE, auctioneers, conducted a sale of stock,
crops, implements, and furniture at Stainton Head.

       The weather was  spring like, with the result that a very large number
of farmers and dealers attended from Dalton, Ulverston, Askam, Kirkby,
Broughton, Barrow, and surrounding neighborhood. Luncheon was served at twelve
o'clock, and sale commencing at one o'clock with cart gear, followed by implements,
good prices being realised, the sale being a splendid one all round. The
following is a return of the sale of stock.


Fat ewe, 43 s  3d, A. BIRCH, Ulverston.

Two Ewes, and four lambs, 46s 6d each and do., 45s each, M. EDMONDSON,

Two ewes and two lambs 42s  3d each, W. ROBINSON.

Two ewes and four lambs, 52s  6d each, J. WILKINSON of Stainton.

Two ewes and three lambs, 40s each, RAWLINSON.

Three ewes and 5 lambs, 46s  6d, Mr. WRIGHT, Sinkfall.

Two ewes, three lambs, 43s each, Mr. ROBINSON.

Two ewes and five lambs 43s, £6  16s  6d, Mr. ROBINSON.

Three tup hogs, 47s each, B. ATIKINSON, Dalton.

Three hoggs and two lambs 36s each and three hoggs and one lamb, 36s, John
TAYLOR, Scales.

Two Hoggs 31s each, B. AITKINSON

Two hoggs 29s each and two do., 28s  9d, B. ATKINSON

One hogg, 26 s, A. KIDDOO, Barrow

One hogg and lamb, 32s, Mr. SHUTTLEWORTH, Marton.

Two Headwick ewes and three lambs, 32 s  6d each, Thurston BUTLER (incoming


Red and White bull calf, 37s  6d, A. KIDDOO

Roan heifer calf, £2  12s  6d., C. WILKINSON, Stainton.

Red and white heifer calf, £2  12s  6d. F. HUNTER, Stainton.

Heifer calf, £5  7s  6d., J. WILKINSON

Roan heifer, £7, Mr. WILKINSON

Roan Bullock, £8  17s  6d., Mr. WARRINER, Urswick.

Roan Heifer, £11  5s and red heifer, £10  17s  6d, J. TAYLOR.

Roan Heifer, £10  12s  6d., W. CASE, Stainton.

Red and white heifer, £7  17s  6d., W. BARTON, Gascow.

Roan heifer, £10, B. ATKINSON

White bullock, £9, Mr. TAYLOR.

Red Bullock £12  5s  Mr. WARRINER

Other buyers:

Mr. CORNTHWAITE, Stainton.

Mr. PRIESTMAN, Dendron

Mrs. BRYER, Dalton

Mr. SHAW, Highfield

A. BIRCH, Swarthmoor

Mr. PERRY, Barrow



J. BERRY, Ulverston

Mr. COWARD, Colt Park

Wm. FELL, Seawood


Mr. POTTS, Barrow


Mr. HARRISON, Barrow



T. HARRISON, Broughton Beck


Mr. WOODS, Urswick

Mr. PHIZACKLEA, Stainton

Mr. W. HOOL, Moor Farm, Ireleth

       The incoming tenant to Stainton Head Farm is Mr. Thurston BUTLER
(brother of Mr. G. BUTLER) of Cartmel.