At Barrow on Saturday, in beautiful weather. TREEWEEKE started for
Barrow against the sun and wind and good work by both wings carried play into the
visitors quarters, but a big kick by LOMAS sent the ball dead at the other
end. Fine passing and a cross kick by PROCTOR enabled RIDGE to cross the line
for Barrow. Good dribbling by the visitors front rank gave them a  footing in
the home territory only to see HAMBLETT dash away to the halfway. Here again
PROCTOR was again prominent, but his kick went into touch.

       Maryport had two grand chances, but lacked speed. Then BAWDEN ran
grandly, only to see Maryport back again under the posts, and LOMAS was held just
on the line. Still pressing the visitors forced the ball over the line, but
BAWDEN  kicked dead.

       WADE next defended finely, and transferred play to midfield, from
where BAWDEN ran splendidly over the line. Good combination by Maryport taxed the
home defence, and LOMAS ran grandly on several occasions. BROWN for Barrow
followed up a kick out of touch and tackled MANDLE on the line, but CLARK brought
relief with a good run. Then at the other end MESSENGER, BAWDEN and PROCTOR
combined, and the latter scored, and another passing movement among the Barrow
backs enabled BAMBER to score.

       Result: Barrow 1, goal 4 tries; Maryport, nil.