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       These teams met on the Cricket Field, Whitehaven, on Saturday evening
before a small attendance of spectators.  The home team had the assistance of
several Parton men. Whitehaven kicked off, and had the best of the play. From
a free kick WARWICK sent the ball under the crossbar and a Brookland man
missing the ball. EASTON, a Parton player rushed up  and scored a clever try. but
EILBECK failed with the kick from an easy position.

       The kickoff brought no relief to the rovers, and the Whitehaven men,
by a long kick by EILBECK, again attacked. From a scrimmage the ball went over
the Rover's line and Whitehaven were unlucky not to score. Brookland then had
a look in and got to the Whitehaven 25, where a scrimmage ensued, and SISSON
got away, but was pulled up at the centre.

       The visitors pressed for a short time  but their efforts lacked finish
and combination. Whitehaven cleared again and reached the Rover's line, and
EASTON scored another smart try, Joe HENNEY failing at goal.

       Half time arrived with the home team leading by two tries to nil. Soon
after restarting, EVE dropped a goal for the Rover's. EILBECK doing likewise
for Whitehaven. Joe HENNEY made a dashing run for Whitehaven and was collared
at the quarter flag.

       The game became rough and scrambling, and just before the finish one
of the visitors was ordered off the field for foul play.

       Mr. H. TYSON, Millom was the referee.

       Result: Whitehaven 1 goal, 2 tries, 8 points. Brookland 1 goal 2