The final tie in the Cumberland Association Cup Competition between
Workington and Frizington White Star should have been played at Keswick on Saturday.
The match was originally fixed for Whitehaven, but as the grounds and goals did
not comply with the regulations, the referee  refused to allow  the game to
proceed, and the Cumberland Association ordered the match to be replayed at
Keswick, in spite of the strong objection of the Frizington representative to that

On Saturday a large crowd of people , many of whom were conveyed from
Workington and other places by special train, assembled on the Keswick ground, but
the frizington team did not put in an appearance, and after a hasty consultation
among the officials, a scratch game between Workington and Keswick was
improvised to amuse the crowd. Workington gaining an easy victory by five goals to

On Monday night a special meeting of the Executive of the Association was
held at the Commercial Hotel, Workington to consider the situation. There were

F. J. HAYES, chairman, Workington

J. SPEDDING, Frizington

W. BARROW, Moor Row

T. SLATER, Winder

C. TOPLIS, Cockermouth

W. J. PRIDMORE, Keswick

R. S. WILSON, Wigton

R. GRAHAM, jun.

W. WAUGH, Workington

The Chairman said the meeting was called to consider the conduct of
Frizington White Star in failing to appear in the Final of the Cup at Keswick on

The Secretary formally reported the Frizington Club. He stated that he
received a wire from the secretary of the club stating that the team would not go to
Keswick and that the match need not be advertised, but that they would go to

Mr. G. COLLINS, who represented Frizington, said, in reply to the chairman,
that their reason for not turning up was that they thought the match should
have been played at Cleator when that place was once decided upon.

The Chairman:  I suppose you know you were bound to go to Keswick whether the
resolution was right or wrong.

Mr. COLLINS:  It seems to me the executive does not set us a good example in
breaking their own rules.

The Chairman pointed out that Frizington ought to have turned up even if they
had been scratched.

Mr. COLLINS said they gave plenty of notice. It seemed to have been a gull
for the public,  for he heard that someone put out a report that Frizington had
sent a letter that they were going to Keswick. Mr. COLLINS mentioned the
person who gave the information, and the Secretary denied point blank that such a
report was ever spread by the person named by Mr. COLLINS.

Replying to an inquiry by the Secretay, Mr. COLLINS said the Frizington
Committee authorized the team not go to Keswick. Mr. SPEDDING was not a member of
the club. The Chairman said Mr. SPEDDING distinctly told them on one occasion
that he was.

Mr. SPEDDING: Never. - In answer to the Secretary, Mr. COLLINS said it was
clear to him that the match had to be played at Keswick.

The Chairman:  It appears to me that the whole hitch arose through no one
undertaking to see that the ground at Cleator was laid out.

Mr. COLLINS: It was a very poor thing to make such a bother about.

Mr. GRAHAM said  that even if the action of the Association was wrong that
Frizington ought to have gone to Keswick. They would then have had a good case
to bring up before the public. As it was, they had cut the ground clean from
under their own feet, and had taken away what little reputation remained to both
the Association and the club. He asked if Mr. COLLINS had any offer to make.

Mr. COLLINS: Oh yes. We are ready  to play a home and home match, or to throw
up with Workington for choice of ground.

The Chairman: But the matter is not between you and Workington. It's for us
to settle.

Mr. COLLINS: I was asked for an offer.

An altercation ensued between Mr. PRIDMORE and Mr. SPEDDING as to whether or
not the latter refused or not to superintend  the making of the ground at
Cleator, and the Chairman then asked them to keep their tempers. Mr. WILSON said
that if Mr. SPEDDING had undertaken to look after the ground the matter now
would have been an accomplished tact. Heated remarks were next exchanged between
Mr. WILSON and Mr. SPEDDING as to an allegation that the latter had at the
last meeting used language which was not  parliamentary, and the Chairman had
again to call Mr. SPEDDING to order.

Mr. COLLINS wished to impress upon the Executive that Frizington were not
frightened of going to Keswick on account of the Good Friday business. It was
something sickening the way they were being sat upon. A discussion arose as to 
who sent the report of the last meeting to the "Carlisle Journal," and  Mr.
WILSON made an explainantion in this connection. In reply to Mr. SPEDDING the
Secretary said the reason why the referee did not turn up at Keswick was because
he missed his connection, and was stranded at Penrith.

Mr. COLLINS asked why the arrangements were made for the match when it  was
known that Frizington would not turn up. The Secretary said that he had no
power to stay his hand when a decision of the Association had to be carried out. 
In any case nearly everything was ready before he was informed that Frizington
would not appear at Keswick. Mr. COLLINS said that they had written to the
English Association, who replied that they would have nothing to do with it.

The Executive then considered their decision, the chairman ruling that Mr.
SPEDDING could not vote. The Secretary proposed that Frizington be thrown out of
the competition and fined £10 and that the Black Diamonds be invited to meet
Workington in the final.  He withdrew the last clause, however,  and Mr.
TOPLIS then seconded the motion.

Mr. SLATER proposed and Mr. BARLOW seconded, that Workington and Frizington
meet again on Saturday.

The Secretary's motion was carried by four votes to three, the Chairman not

Workington were accordingly awarded the Cup.