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(Carlisle: C. B. HODGSON, Esq., Clerk to the County Council.)

This handy little pocket companion of the County Councillor for Cumberland is
always a welcome guest to the busy public man, so many of whose engagements
it records for him. It contains all the usual County Council information for
the year it covers, revised and corrected to date to date of printing, and is
ready reference on a variety of matters connected with the public business of
the county.



(Ulverston: W. HOLMES) continues in the present number of the history of the
HUDDLESTONS of Millom and Hutton John and gives several illustrations of
places connected with the family history, including some excellent views from
photographs at Hutton John and Sawston Hall, Cambridgeshire, the latter place being
noted for it's "Priests Hole," a secret hiding place, for the safety of the
persecuted professors of the ancient faith to which uninviting  sanctuary a
view is here given.

The popular history of Barrow-in-Furness is continued and the Roman road
through Furness and Cumberland is examined, and the pictures include views of
Millom Castle, Grange, Lindale, and places thereabout. Dudden Sands, and Woodland
Church. It is a most creditable production in every respect, and a really
valuable contribution to local history, literature, and art.


(Same Publishers)

       Is an excellent introduction to the periodical already noticed. It is
a most perfect and attractive guide to first steps in photography and more
advanced proficients will also look through it's well illustrated and well
written pages with pleasure.