FURNESS RAILWAY

          Cheap Day and Week-End Tickets
          Are Issued Until Further Notice To

         (Lime Street or Exchange Stations)
                      and Manchester
            (Exchange or Victoria Stations)
                Return Fare - 3rd Class.

                       From Whitehaven
  (Corkickle)…Friday and Saturday  5s  6d  9s

  Millom… Wednesday & Saturday  5s   8s  6d

  Barrow… Thursday & Saturday  5s    7s  6d.

  Dalton… Thursday & Saturday  4s    7s  6d

  Ulverston… Thursday & Saturday 

  Grange… Friday & Saturday  3s  6d.   6s  6d

                       Also to

        Keighley, Leeds  and Bradford

                  Day Tickets

First and  Third  Class  at  single fares  for the  double
Journey (Minimum 4d, Fractions of  a  Penny charged
A Penny),  by Ordinary Trains, are  issued Every Day
All the year round (Bank Holidays Excepted) from all
   Pleasure Resorts to all Pleasure Resorts on the
                 Furness Railway,
                  Holiday Tickets

At Single Fares for the Double J ourney  (minimum
4d) by Ordinary Trains, are  issued  every  Monday,
Saturday,   and  Sunday  (where  Service  Permits),
And   on  the  Trademen's  weekly  Holiday  ( Bank
Holidays Excepted),   from  the  Principal Towns to
    All Pleasure Resorts on the Furness Railway.

For Particulars of the Fares and the Trains by which
These Tickets are available see Pamphlets, to be
              Had at all Furness Stations.


            Cheap Week-End Tickets
     Are Issued Every Friday, Saturday
And  Sunday, all  the year round, by all Trains having a
Through Connection, available to Return on the Sunday,
and  following  Monday  or  Tuesday, from the Principal
Towns to the Pleasure Resorts, and to and From all the
      Pleasure Resorts on the Furness Railway.


Cheap  Tickets  are  issued  Every Friday and
Saturday,   from   Barrow,   Dalton,   Ulverston
Grange,  Millom,  Sellafield,  and   Whitehaven,
To  Blackpool,  St. Anne's, Southport, Skipton,
Harrogate,    Redcar,   Scarborough,    Buxton,
Chester,   Bath   &c.,  available  for  return  on
The   following  Sunday,  Monday  or   Tuesday
    By any Ordinary Train having a Through

Alfred ASLETT, Sec. And General Manager