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. - Whitehaven and neighbourhood in the olden time. - No. XIII. 1776

October 10. - Much mischief is being done by roughs both here and in the district. The door of a new house in College-street, belongingPages of Local History to Mr Fawcett TROUGHTON, was broken and the steps chipped; windows, as usual, were broken in different parts of the town; a boat which was lying on the battlements behind the Old Quay was thrown down upon the rocks and staved; and several carts were thrown off the Custom-house quay into the harbour. Mr THOMPSON, innkeeper, Distington, had his house broken into and robbed of a great quantity of linen yarn; Joseph WILKINSON's shop at Gilgarron was also broken into and robbed of £12 worth of leather; and Thomas RITSON had a saddle, bridle, and sundry other articles taken out of his stable. "It is feared this may prove only a prelude to much greater mischief this winter, except those in authority take some speedy methods to expel the number of vagabonds who are strolling in all parts of the country."


"There is a blackberry tree, belonging to Mrs TROUGHTON, in Queen Street, at present loaden (sic) with berries, the second crop this year." There are not many berry trees now in Queen Street that will give even a first crop.


Mr Charles HOWARD, of Greystock, before he left Carlisle the last races, ordered £20 to be spent amongst the populace in bread and cheese and ale, at "four poor freemen's houses." Your county gentleman liked to stand well with the noble freeman in those days. He often had it in his power to give value for bread and cheese and beer.