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The Winter Commission of Assize and General Gaol Delivery for the counties of Cumberland and Westmorland grouped in this circuit as No. 1 County, was opened on Monday night in the Crown Court, Carlisle, by Mr Justice Stephen.......The following magistrates were empanelled on the Grand Jury: -

Sir R BRISCO, Crofton Hall, foreman

W E JAMES, Esq., Barrock Park

G J JOHNSON, Esq., Castlesteads

J E HASELL, Esq., Dalemain

J J SPEDDING, Esq., Greta Bank

L F B DYKES, Esq., Dovenby Hall

T HORROCKS, Esq., Eden Brows

H P SENHOUSE, Esq., Netherhall

R FERGUSON, Esq., MP, Morton

H A SPEDDING, Esq., Mirehouse

T HARTLEY, Esq., Warwick Hall

G H H OLIPHANT-FERGUSON, Esq., Broadfield House

Colonel WYBERGH, Carlisle

S P FOSTER, Esq., Killhow

W PARKER, Esq., Carleton Hill

W S LOSH, Esq., Wreay Syke

M M'INNES, Esq., Rickerby

G H DIXON, Esq., Carlisle

H P BANKS, Esq., Highmoor House

W H PARKIN, Esq., Skirwith Abbey

P J DIXON, Esq., Carlisle

J R HERON-MAXWELL, Esq., Durran Hill


Robert DICKINSON (26), labourer, reads (sic), pleaded guilty to a charge of bigamously marrying, at Blackpool, Jane MITCHELL, his former wife being still alive. - He was sentenced to nine months' imprisonment, with hard labour.



Henry NIGHTINGALE (34), imperfectly instructed, was charged with bigamously marrying Elizabeth Marian ROBINSON, of Windermere, on the 14th March last. - He pleaded guilty, saying that much as he had injured the young woman and broken the laws of his country he was truly sorry for the crime he had committed. It was the first time he had knowingly injured anyone, and he hoped he would be mercifully dealt with. - His Lordship said the prisoner knew perfectly well that one part of that statement was not true, but that he had wronged the prosecutrix before he married her, as to being sorry about what he had done, and writing letters about it containing a variety of religious remakes, he did not think much of prisoner's penitence. He was a very bad fellow, but there were circumstances in the case, as shown on the depositions which induced him (His Lordship) to pass a more lenient sentence. - Prisoner was sentenced to six month's imprisonment, with hard labour.