William FARTHING (31), cement maker, reads, pleaded guilty to a charge of burglary on the premises of Sarah Ann WELLS, at Carlisle, on the 31st August. - He was sentenced to nine months imprisonment, with hard labour.



Brutal assault of a woman. - Peter M'LAUGHLIN (40), labourer, reads (sic), was charged with unlawfully and maliciously wounding Elizabeth MOORE, at Arthuret, on the 20th inst. - Mr PAGE prosecuted, and the prisoner was undefended. - The prisoner had been living with the prosecutrix, a married woman, living apart from her husband, for about three weeks, and on her refusing to love with him any longer he commenced to follow her about the country. On the date named he came up with her near Cliff Bridge, on the Brampton and Longtown road, and he then beat her severely about the head with a heavy stick, severely cutting her in several places. - The prosecutrix was still very weak, and suffering severely from the effects of the attack. - The jury found the prisoner guilty of unlawfully wounding. - His Lordship, in passing sentence, said that if the jury had found the prisoner guilty of wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm he would have sentenced him to a long term of pe!
nal servitude. He could not imagine a more utterly disgraceful, unmanly, brutal action than that the prisoner had been guilty of. He did not think a worse case of unlawful wounding could well have been. He passed upon the prisoner the highest sentence of the law for the offence - five years penal servitude.


ROBBERY WITH VIOLENCE AT WHITEHAVEN. - Matthew BARNES, (20), miner, not instructed; John WEIR, (20), miner, imperfectly instructed; Edward BRYAN, (19), miner, not instructed; and Robert ROBE, (17), miner, not instructed, were charged with robbing with violence Edward LLOYD, and stealing from him £2 7s and other articles, at Whitehaven, on the 13th July last. - Mr HENRY prosecuted, and the prisoners were undefended. - On the night of the offence the prosecutor was with some of the prisoners in an entry near Devlin's public house on the quay, Whitehaven. They had half-a-gallon of beer handed out of the house to them, and after they drunk it one of the prisoners asked for more. Prosecutor produced fivepence, and said he would give that towards it. One of the prisoners blew out a light which the woman who had brought the beer was holding, and all the prisoners set on prosecutor and whilst some of them held him others rifled his pockets. They got the beer, prosecutor said, amid s!
ome laughter, in the pig-stye, and the pig was in his own house at the time. - The jury found the prisoners guilty of robbery without violence. Barnes, previously convicted, and Weir, previously convicted, were sentenced to nine months imprisonment, with hard labour. The other prisoners were each sentenced to six months imprisonment, with hard labour.


ATTEMPTED SUICIDE AT MILLOM. - John NICHOLSON (34), labourer, not instructed, was charged with attempting to strangle himself with a rope at Millom on the 20th inst. - Mr BALDWIN prosecuted and the prisoner was undefended. - The prisoner is a working man with a large family and small wages. He had had a judgment (sic) against him in the county court, and he was in bad health. On the morning of the day named, about a quarter to five o'clock, he was found hanging to a joist in the kitchen, six feet six inches from the ground. He was motionless and unconscious, and it was three-quarters of an hour before he was brought round. When he recovered he said to the man who cut him down, "God bless you, Joe." He asked what he had done. He afterwards said that he would not have been sorry if he had put an end to his troubles. - The jury found the prisoner guilty. - His lordship, in passing sentence, said that people ought to know that their lives were not their own, and they had no righ!
t to take away the life which had been given them to be of service to themselves and others. The prisoner had told them himself that he did this wicked and cowardly action because of his debts. He had been a very industrious man, and a good husband and father for fifteen years, they were told, and his lordship had no doubt that was so, and the prisoner being so, that was a selfish and cruel speech he had make when he wished that there had been an end of his life and his troubles. Where would they have been had that been realised, and was it not a base and selfish thing to desert them and leave them entirely to support themselves. Prisoner ought to look at that from a proper point of view, and to perceive that he had committed a grievous offence against them as well as against the law of the land. He hoped it might be that the prisoner had never considered this matter properly, that he had not seen that he was doing a weak and cowardly thing, and that it was his duty, as a ma!
n, to live and conquer his difficulties and pay his debts like a man, and work as he had been accustomed to do. He hoped that after receiving that public reproof he would be able to do so - that he would struggle with his difficulties and overcome them like a brave and honourable man. The sentence of the court was that he be imprisoned for one day, and as the Assizes had been one day begun, he would now be discharged.


ROBBERY WITH VIOLENCE AT KENDAL. - William BIRKETT (36), labourer, not instructed, and John BUSH (22), labourer, not instructed, were charged with robbing with violence a man named James TEASDALE, and stealing ten shillings and other articles. - The Hon A D ELLIOT prosecuted. - The men had been drinking together, and it was alleged that afterwards prisoners robbed prosecutor. - The jury found the prisoners not guilty, and they were discharged.


BURGLARY AT CARLISLE. - William BOWMAN, alias William WILSON (19), labourer, not instructed, and Gilbert KENNEDY (19), bolt maker, not instructed, were charged with burglary at Carlisle, on the premises of Sarah Ann WELLS, on the 31st August last. - A police-officer saw the two men running away from the house on the night named, and saw Farthing, a man who, as elsewhere noted. Pleaded guilty to the charge, jump out of the window of the house. Stolen property from the house was afterwards found on the prisoners. - The jury found the prisoners guilty, and a further charge of burglary on the same night against the prisoners having been proved, they were sentenced to eighteen months imprisonment each, with hard labour having been previously convicted.

The Court rose at five o'clock.