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At the Whitehaven Police-court, yesterday, MR. C. FISHER in the chair, JAMES
ROOKE, publican, of Arrowthwaite was summoned for the none-payment of 12s
9d., due in respect of a lamp and paving rate levied by the Whitehaven
    MR. WEBSTER appeared for the Trustees, and MR. BRAITHWAITE for the
    The levying of the rate was proved. - MR. BRAITHWAITE contended that the
sum could not be recovered, inasmuch as there was nothing to show for what
the rate was claimed.  There werr no lamps at Arrowthwaite:  the defendant
received no benefit from the rate.
    MR. WEBSTER contended that the Trustees could claim for prospective or
retrospective improvements, and submitted that if he proved that the rate
was duly laid, the magistrates must make an order.
    The CLERK upheld this view of the case, and stated if the defendant had
a grievance, he must appeal.  The rate had been proved to be duly levied,
and therefore the Bench must grant the order.  The order was granted, with

Yesterday afternoon a most successful ship launch took place from the yard
of the Whitehaven Shipbuilding Company.  The vessel, which was christened
the "Moresby", by MISS MARY MASON, of Egremont, is 235 feet in length, 36
feet in breadth, 23 feet in depth, and 1,200 tons register, and is a sailing
ship.  She has been built for CAPTAIN DODD, of Liverpool, and others, and is
intended for the Colonial and West Coast Trade.

The fortnightly meeting of this Board was held in the Union Hall,
Whitehaven, yesterday morning, MR. J. HODGSON occupying the chair.  The
visitors for the week were announced to be MESSRS. R. A. BEDFORD and J.
DALZELL, and the balance to the credit of the Board was stated to be £1,890
18s  10d.
    A letter was read from the Local Government Board, asking why the
guardians recommended the salary of MR. J. MOFFAT, the assistant-overseer
for Salter and Eskett, to be increased from £8 to £15.  The clerk was
instructed to reply that it was in consequence of the increase in the duties
of MR. MOFFAT's office.
    The report of the committee appointed to visit the Cockermouth
Industrial-school was read.  The report stated that the visit was made on
the 2nd of May, and that at the time of the visit there were 100 boys under
detention, all of whom looked perfectly healthy and bright.  Five of them
were lads from Whitehaven, and the committee was struck with the remarkable
change in their appearance, even in the case of one boy who had only been
two days in the school.  The discipline was perfect, and it was a matter of
congratulation that there were few entries in the punishment-book, and an
almost entire absence of sickness.
    The lads are taught various trades;  and the committee recommended that
the guardians should avail themselves to the utmost of their power to
transfer the waifs and strays of the streets to this comfortable home.
    THE CHAIRMAN said the report was a flattering one, notwithstanding which
one of the lads had absconded and was found in the Market-place, Whitehaven.
    THE CLERK said on the previous Thursday another lad ran away and got as
far as Distington before he was caught.
    The Workhouse-Master reported that there were 262 inmates in the
workhouse, against 274 last year.