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      New Scheme In Life Assurance

         A Complete Life Policy

    The Royal Insurance Company

       Has prepared a new scheme of Life Assurance,
securing to Assurers under it the following important
advantages: -

       Provision is made to grant a paid-up policy, for a
stipulated  amount, whenever the  assurer omits or is
unable to make his renewal payment.

       The Assured will at all times  know  the  amount
of the policy  to be  received  for such payment as he
has made.

       His premiums will be restricted to a certain fixed
number  of  years,  although  his life may extend to a
much longer period.

       Example. - A person  aged 25 next birthday can
assure £1,000 at death, by  payment of  £28  11s  8d
per  annum,  limited  to  20 years; and  at t he end of
(say)  five  years  he  can  cease  his  payments  and
obtain a paid up policy for £250, or  five  twentieths of
the original amount.

    For prospectus, Tables,  &c.,  respecting  Complete
Life Policies, apply to the Company's Offices or Agents.

            Royal Insurance Company
                   Head Offices
            North john-Street, Liverpool
              Lombard-Street, London

            Report To Annual Meeting
                   August 6, 1869

Nett Fire Premiums received in 1868.......£475,572

New Life Policies issued in 1868 for..........703,172

Corresponding New Life Premiums.............21,528

Additions during the year to Reserve       Fire
Funds, after paying Losses, Expenses,         } 22,923
Annuities, Dividends, and all outgoings    Life   144,945

                 John H. M'LAREN, Manager
                 Chas. G. FOTHERGILL, Sub-Manager

W. C. STEWARD, Agent
King-Street, Whitehaven