Try MECHI's Shilling Razors.

Shilling Penknives,  Shilling Scissors, Ninepenny and
Sixpenny Toothbrushes,  His Magic Strop and  Paste
his Table Cutlery, his Dressing Cases, Dressing Bags
           Despatch Boxes, and a host of
             Fancy and Elegant Wares,
  Suitable for Wedding Presents and Birthday Gifts
              No. 112, Regent-Street
Catalogues post Free.     Quality First Rate
                     Prices Moderate


            Money !  Money !! Money !!!


Trust Money to lend at Four and a Half Per Cent

Gentlemen,  Merchants,  Farmers,  Traders,  and  all
respectable classes (male or female)  are hereby aq-
uainted  that  the above  is  ready to be  advanced in
sums  from  £10  to  £500,  on  the  Security  of their
Promissory  Note  alone,  for  any period from one to
seven  years.   Secrecy  and  Promptitude  are  duly
regarded,  and  the  advance can be positively had in
three  days,  without  disappointment or  extortionate
charges.  Those  who  require  monetary  aid, should
apply at once (in perfect confidence), stating amount
required,  how   repayable,  position  in  life,  &c.,  to
Mr. J. P. LAING, 21, Hollington-Street, Avenue  Road
London, S. E.   Enclose a stamped directed envelope.