On Saturday morning about half past one o'clock, a severe fight took
place between a number of poachers and gamekeepers at Samlesbury.

       John EDELSTON, gamekeeper to Mr. James JOHNSON, of Alum Scar,
Samlesbury, with four other watchers, were watching the game preserves at Wallbank,
and saw six men enter a field. They were allowed to set their nets, and then the
gamekeepers presented themselves. As soon as they were observed, one of the
poachers cried "Go into um." The struggle was not of a long duration, but it
was keen while it lasted.

       A dog belonging to the poachers was shot by the keepers. EDELSTON had
a severe fight with one of the men, named BARTON. EDELSTON succeeded in
knocking his antagonist down, and, one of the watchers coming to his assistance, he
made BARTON a prisoner. The other poacher, who got the worst of the fight,

       Nets about 200 yards in length, were found upon the field, and also
six rabbits. In the course of the day, BARTON was brought up at the Blackburn
County Police Court, and was sentenced to three months hard labour, and at the
termination of his imprisonment to find sureties, or to be further imprisoned
six months.

-Preston Herald.