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       When Nora ROWLEY made comparisons between Mr. Hugh STANBURY and Mr.
Charles GLASCOCK, they were always wound up very much in favour of the briefless
barrister. It was no that he was the handsomer man, for he was by no means
handsome, nor was her the bigger man, for Mr. GLASCOCK was six feet tall; nor
was he better dressed, for STANBURY was untidy rather than otherwise in his
outward person. Nor had he an air of fashion or special grace to recommend him,
for he was undoubtedly an awkward mannered man. But, there was a glance of
sunshine in his eye, and a sweetness in the curl of his mouth when he smiled, which
made Nora feel that it would have been all up with her had she not made so
very strong a law for her own guidance.

       STANBURY was a man about five feet ten, with shoulders more broad in
proportion, stout limbed, rather awkward in his gait, with large feet and
hands, with sift wavy light hair, with light gray eyes, and a broad, but by no
means ugly nose. His mouth and lips were large, and he rarely showed his teeth. He
wore no other beard than whiskers, which he was apt to cut away through
heaviness  of his hand in shaving, till Nora longed to bid him be more careful. "He
doesn't care what sort of a guy he makes himself," she once said to her
sister, almost angrily. "He is a plain man, and he knows it," Emily had replied.
"He knew He Was Right," by Anthony TROLLOPE.