A painful case has come before the Taunton magistrates. Mr. William
VAN TRUMP, described as a gentleman of property, was summoned by the Board of
Guardians for refusing to maintain his daughter, Elivira TRUMP, who was "poor,
lame, impotent, and unable to work." She is 27 years of age, and has been lame
from her birth, besides suffering from tubercles on her lungs.

       Her father has an income from property of £400 or £500 per annum, and
formerly she had lived with him in ease and comfort. But she offended him by
giving evidence against him in an action which he brought against his sister,
and he turned her out of doors.

       The magistrates adjourned the case  for a week, in order to enable the
defendant to come to terms.



       A Correspondent of the "Liverpool Mercury" writes to say, "I am
desirous, by your kind assistance, of informing your numerous readers, that there is
great probability of very violent storms from the south west falling on the
coasts of Ireland, The west of England, and adjacent waters, from the 9th to
the 11th of October, inclusive, and that boisterous weather may follow for some
days after.

       The above conclusion is not arrived at by mere theory, but by a system
of meteorology founded on actual investigations into the cause and
periodicity of storms, and extending over a long series of years."