At the Canterbury Police Court, on Monday, two constables of the local
police, named BANKS and BENNETT, were committed to take their trial at the
ensuing assizes for the county of Kent, on a charge of conspiring together to
incite another man to commit a felony.

       The evidence implicating the accused was to the effect that BENNETT
went to an oast (a place used for drying hops), and endeavoured to induce a man
engaged there to let him have some hops.

       The complicity of BANKS in the transaction was alleged through his
having engaged a carrier to remove the hops, cautioning him to be careful how he
did it, or the matter would be found out. He also represented to the carrier
that with care the affair could be easily worked, and arranged to watch their
superior officer off the beat prior to the hops being removed.

       The prisoners were admitted to bail.