The report of the directors and the statement of accounts of the
Maryport Town and Harbour Gas Company, for year ending 30th June last, have been
published. The report briefly reviews the Parliamentary contest between the
company and the trustees of the Town and Harbour, and then proceeds to state that
the Company's gross revenue for the past year amounts to £1,924  0s  8d, and
the expenditure, including debenture and bank interest, and commission, to
£1,291  10s  10d, leaving a net balance of which the directors recommend a
dividend to be declared at the rate of 10s per share, and that the balance of £290 
19s  10d be added to the reserve fund, which will then stand at £426  7s  5d.

       "The Parliamentary expenses," says the report, "have not yet been got
in, but these the directors estimate at something like £2,000. The directors
regret this expenditure, but it has been unavoidable by reason of the
pertinacious opposition of the Trustees.

       If you (the shareholders) had not invoked the aid of Parliament and
obtained an Act, your property would have been irretrievably lost."