On Monday morning, says the Carlisle Journal, an extraordinary
phenomenon was witnessed at Carlisle, consisting of a shower of what may be best
described as small spiders, resembling the ant in form, but of much smaller
dimensions. They were of a dark mahogany colour and bright surface, and came down in
countless numbers in the forenoon.

       Spinning upon an extensive scale was instantaneously set about, and in
a wonderfully short time the railings in front of houses and all similar
projections were festooned with glistening lines of web arranged all horizontally
and of many yards in length, and without the transverse lines usually seen
upon spider's webs. The threads appeared whiter and more visible than the
ordinary spider's web, and were evidently very glutinous, for the work of capture
began, and innumerable tiny insects forthwith fell pray to the invaders.