An inquest was held on Friday last, at the house of Mrs. WARWICK. Low
Church Street, Workington, before Dr. BELL, coroner, and a jury, touching the
death of Mary WRIGHT, the wife of Edward WRIGHT, a labourer,  residing in
Black Dog lane, Workington.

       It appeared from the evidence that, for some time previous to her
death, the deceased had been addicted to drinking, and on Thursday last she got
very tipsy. Between seven and eight o'clock on the evening of that day, the
County Court Bailiff went to the house to apprehend her husband on a warrant for
debt, but WRIGHT got out of the way. The deceased was in and out of the house
till about nine o'clock, and shortly after that time she went to a beer house
in Low Church street kept by Mrs. TELFORD, and asked to be supplied with a
penny worth of ale, but as she was very drunk Mrs. TELFORD refused to serve her.

       The deceased then returned to her own house, and asked a woman who
lived near her to go for a pint of ale, and gave her a twopence to pay for it.
The woman went out, and a girl named Sarah STEWART was left in the house with
Mary WRIGHT. Shortly after the neighbour left WRIGHT said she would go and bring
her husband home, and it would seem that in order to reach the house where he
was concealed from the bailiffs, she had to cross the Cloffocks. Nothing more
was seen of her until half past five o'clock on Friday morning, when she was
found by a man named Stewart LITTLE, lying dead in a stream which runs through
the Cloffocks.

       The woman was almost helplessly drunk when she left home in search of
her husband, and it is probable that in crossing the narrow unprotected bridge
over the stream, she fell from it and was drowned. The water was only about
ten inches deep at the place where the body was discovered.

       The jury returned a verdict of "Found Drowned."